Depression and Eating Disorders in Teens Populations at Risk

Depression and Eating Disorders in Teens Populations at Risk M7A1: Instructions for Final Paper

Depression and Eating Disorders in Teens Populations at Risk
Depression and Eating Disorders in Teens Populations at Risk

For the final writing assignment in this course you will be writing a research paper 6 – 8 pages in length (Times Roman, 12 point, double spaced) not including title page or reference pages. Choose a topic based on the instructions below. Research your topic referencing a minimum of 3 peer-reviewed journal articles, government and health organization research and literature, and current texts that you find in the Excelsior library. Reflect upon the research strategies you used in previous assignments this term, research your chosen topic applying the same search techniques.

Customize a personal topic to research by choosing one population from the list below and two risk factors from the second list below. For example, you might choose Teens as a population and Depression and Eating Disorders as risk factors. This will be your “Population at Risk”.

Note: If you would like to customize off this list, you MUST get a prior written agreement from me, your instructor.

Populations at Risk Table

Risk Factors: choose two

Populations: choose one




Eating Disorders

Chronic pain

Chronic illness


High stress


Older Adults




Pregnant Women







Summarize your research findings about the risk factors for the population you selected. (If you found conflicting research or research that changed your understanding, explain).

Include how lifestyle and behavior decisions influence health specific to this population. (CO1)

Distinguish how culture, diversity, and life stage for this population impact health behavior choices in general. (CO4)

Develop a health plan to specifically support/coach your chosen population at risk. Include all of the four general ways of improving health behaviors: stress management, physical exercise, nutrition and pain management. Support your recommendations with references to theories, evidence-based practices, and other findings in the research. (CO3, CO5, CO6)

Recommend a prevention plan, prevention strategies, and treatment plan if the risk factor develops for your chosen population. (CO2, CO6)

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