Description of Exhibition Art History Curator Paper

Description of Exhibition Art history Curator Paper Write a description of your exhibition [minimum 1000 words] that includes citations and a bibliography of your references in MLA format.

Description of Exhibition Art History Curator Paper
Description of Exhibition Art History Curator Paper

In the Curator Paper, I’d like you to pretend that your Proposal and Bibliography has been accepted by a museum and you’ve now been asked to supply more information about your exhibit and explain and justify it further. You must use and cite reliable sources within your writing using MLA format. I am including links below that explain how to cite your sources. Your paper must address the following questions: What works are in your exhibition? What is the theme of the exhibition? How does each of the works you chose fit with that theme? What is the goal of the exhibition – what do you hope your viewers will learn from visiting the show? Also, you should specify how you intend to arrange the works of art, and how you plan for your audience to move through space. Basically, I want you to write a paper as if you are a curator who is proposing this show to your donor who knows nothing about the artwork.

Description of Exhibition Art History Curator Paper Format

A format for the Paper: Your paper must include a Title and a Bibliography, and must be at least 1000 words long in total. In the first paragraph, called the introduction, you will include: •thesis statement – which in this case will be your exhibition theme. •the names of the artists (if known), titles of the works in your exhibition (italicize every time you use the titles in your paper), dates of the works, and media (if known) •brief description of each of the works The body of the paper, broken into various paragraphs, will include: The context/content/cultural background of each work, an explanation for why that work was chosen / how it fits with the theme. Details about how your exhibition is arranged (and why you’ve arranged it in this manner). How each object supports the goal of your exhibition, i.e., what you want your audience to learn from the show. The final paragraph should be a conclusion. Recap your overall plan, restating the theme of the exhibition (your thesis). A Bibliography included at the end of the paper will cite all the sources you used. I WILL BE GRADING FOR THE FOLLOWING: Follow the formatting guidelines Utilize MLA standards: Include references Cite your sources how to cite: Your writing is clear and coherent Your paper is relevant, accurate, and insightful Submit your final paper through Blackboard

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