Designing and Constructing Web Service

Designing and Constructing Web Service Demonstrate the features of .NET using C#

Designing and Constructing Web Service
Designing and Constructing Web Service
  1. Evaluate and apply best practice for designing and constructing Web service-based applications.
  2. Create a simple system that integrates components constructed using the Various parts of a distributed application framework.

For this assignment, you have to implement an XML Web Service with C# and a windows forms client which consumes this Web Service.


  1. The directorate general of Oman is planning to launch a new website. The website to be launched will be primarily displaying weather details of multiple cities of Oman. The weather website to be developed needs an XML based web service that takes the code of the city and returns the minimum temperature, maximum, temperature, feels like temperature. Humidity, visibility, UV index, Sunrise and sunset timings. The forecast details are fetched from sources outside the website and stored in an array or collection. Your task is to develop an XML based web service that will be integrated into the weather website. The XML web service must fulfill the following requirements.

 The XML web service must provide details of multiple cities (at least five.)  The XML web service must return all the weather details provided above.


  1. Create a consuming GUI application in C# to consume the service developed above. The GUI must take the details of the city and date to pass it to the xml web service Consume the xml web service and return the forecast details of the city to the GUI.

To test the web service display all the details returned by the xml web service in the GUI form.

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