Designing Business Models using Mega Trends

Designing Business Models using Mega Trends
Designing Business Models using Mega Trends

Designing Business Models using Mega Trends

Today’s disruption requires both a broader perspective and a narrower focus.
EY, 2018

The five global shifts reshaping the world we live in. What are the implications for organisations, industries and wider society, right now and in the future? How can we shape and respond to them?
PWC, 2018

Using at least one mega trend[s]- design a 3000-word creative business model (process, strategy, (to meet a specific objective) and framework) that addresses a problem, fills a gap in the market or utilizes new technology. The business model should seek to address opportunities that the mega trends offer. This can be for an existing business or start-up.

You are invited to address your narrative and consider the following

  • Integrating the business model into an industry or sector and draw upon influencing business environmental variables
  • Develop a good understanding of Mega trends and how they relate to business
  • Financial considerations (Sales forecast, cost to develop) must be built into the narrative or any other financial aspects as required
  • Clearly demonstrate a value preposition to the company and the prospective customers
  • Demonstrate practical or virtual prototype
  • Demonstrate a clear understanding of not only the megatrend but how to take advantage of the mega trend
  • Ensure an unfair advantage is detailed in the narrative
  • Incorporate actual drivers of business models- e.g. [The Open Business Model- drivers are low costs due to sharing of R&D expenditure]
  • Product /Market Fits need to be clear
  • Problem solution Fit
  • Routes to Market
  • Your narrative should consider wider aspects as may be required

    Note: –
    Students will be required to demonstrate clear thinking and use of processes to reach a logical conclusion.
    Use relevant templates to support your central narratives


Any work submitted by a student in this course for academic credit must be the student’s own work. If you present, as your own idea, any material copied, paraphrased, or extensively drawn upon, you are plagiarizing—unless you give full citations for your sources. Of course, you may make full use of ideas, arguments and information obtained from books etc. but you must make clear which portion of your paper is not your own and provide a detailed reference to the original source.

Assignments which violate Hult’s Honor code may not be revised. In the first instance of plagiarism, the plagiarized assessment will be given a grade of zero and will result in automatic Disciplinary Probation. You may also be required to rewrite the plagiarized assignment for no additional credit.
Subsequent violations of the Honor code are assessed on a case by case basis before the Academic Standards Committee and may result in sanctions up to and including dismissal from the program.

You are responsible for ensuring that you have read and understood the section entitled “Academic Integrity” in the Student Handbook. If you have any questions about that material, please speak to your instructor.

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