Develop Internally Consistent Job Structures for e-sonic

Develop Internally Consistent Job Structures for e-sonic

Develop Internally Consistent Job Structures for e-sonic

  1. Job Descriptions
  2. Office Manager

Job Summary

The office manager is responsible for the everyday activities of the Bureau by overseeing its smooth functioning and performance.


  • Device monitoring, repair, and office equipment service
  • The mobile answer, direct calls, and texts.
  • management of filling processes, mailing systems, and libraries
  • The task of holding the budget of the Office
  • Production of plans and oversight of annual review administration.


  • College diploma required
  • The experience of handling an office environment
  1. Creative Director

Job Summary

The creative director plays an important part in the creative process by promoting others and securing the copy editors in all works (O*Net Online 2015).


  • provides creative assistance to advertising-related copywriters with response
  • Copywriters management
  • Welcomes and helps copy authors with controlled topics and presentations
  • Establish planning, delegate roles, and organize the management of annual assessments.


  • Certificate of high school is mandatory
  • A degree in the area of communications, advertisement, and innovation
  • Requires four years of technical or musical production experience.
  • Director of Customer Service


The customer service director is responsible for supervising and managing all staff engaged in customer service programs (O*Net Online, 2015). Often, serious problems in the company will also be dealt with.


  • All staff in the role of customer care •
  • Provides staff with consumer action settlement templates
  • Scheduling of calendars, assigning of assignments, and organization of annual reviews
  • Development and execution, with the assistance of the board, management and support personnel, and human resources officers of strategy, priorities, instructional programs, and processes;
  • Organizing sales marketing exercises while supervising practice and management of other corporate units.


  • Certificate of high school is mandatory
  • Graduate in a similar business area or nine years’ customer services industry experience
  • Minimum five years of customer service business experience
  • A minimum of four years of experience as a general analyst or even a superior role and detailed instruction in dispute resolution matters
  • Customer care capability Efficient.
  1. Artist Relationship Manager

Job Summary

To establish new partnerships with designers and production bodies, the creative partnership manager oversees. He or she can also retain existing artists and producing businesses (O*Net Online, 2015). The position of the royalties for registered artists and production companies for advantageous negotiations is also mandated.


  • Establishing and sustaining reliable working relationships with musicians and production companies.
  • Supporting partnerships by using them to build and strengthen new relationships
  • Writing interesting news releases for musicians
  • Creation and management of the image and reputation of the company with artists and production companies
  • To assist external organizations in establishing and upgrading frameworks for contact and intelligence initiatives
  • Analyze and test ads for artist/production Company’s compatibility.


  • A diploma is required for high school.
  • A minimum four-year business degree
  • Minimum five years of experience in market production in an area focused on technology or music.
  1. Job Structures

The next move will be to describe the systems after developing the work descriptions (Martocchio, 2015). The advisory committee agrees on the form and type of systems that are to be graded. The following table provides an example of different E-Sonic jobs and groups.

Administrative Sales and Marketing Development Consumer Service
Executive Assistant Marketing Director Director of Software Development Director of Consumer Service
Administrative Assistant Creative Director Software Project Manager Customer Service Manager
Office Manager Copy Writer Software Engineer Customer Service Agent I
Artist Relationship Manager Market Research Analyst Software Testing Customer Service Agent II


  1. Build Point Evaluation Method

The item approach applies to an appraisal of work content using a quantitative mechanism. In this context, the statistical approach tends to allocate reimbursable items that define jobs (Martocchio, 2015). The values are then summarized as a specific meaning indication of a work. This results in a ranking of their average total amount worth by the proportional value of the workers (Martocchio, 2015). The measures involved include selecting benchmarking work, selecting compensable components based on benchmarks, deciding the declaration of the variable degree, and defining the weight of each compensable dimension.

  1. a) Select benchmark jobs.
  2. Administrative
b) Compensable Factor c) Degree Statements d) Weights in Percentages
Administrative and Management Knowledge First Degree: Continue properly with documentation and documents

Second degree: Deal well with both management and logistical activities

Third degree: Handle new recruitment drives and entries

Fourth degree: Could check both accounts and financial reports

Fifth degree: Annual examination planning

Computer Software Application Knowledge and Skill First Level: Computer program comprehension

Second Level: Should use the software for the machine

Third Level: Make software development suggestions

Fourth Level: Indulge in the real program installation

Fifth Level: Periodic review clause

Writing and Attention to Detail Knowledge and Skills First grade: Write plain sentences and phrases

Second grade: Draft composite declarations and complex declarations

Third Grade: Reports and essays in draft

Fourth Grade: Build letters, summaries, and analyses for companies

Fifth Grade: Speech draft and news correspondence

Oral and Written Skills Grade 1: To speak in plain language

Grade 2: Understanding and analysis of abstract statements

Grade 3: Produce published records

Grade 4: Company letters and presentations

Grade 5: Interact in meetings of the board

Time Management Skills Grade 1: Successfully control time

Grade 2: Construct own task schedules

Grade 3: Creation of timetables for others

Grade 4: Time estimation done for tasks

Grade 5: Include timetable suggestions

  1. Sales and Marketing
Compensable Factors Degree Statements Weights in Percentages
Marketing and Sales Knowledge Grade 1: marketing and distribution awareness

Grade 2: Worthy of recognizing campaign strategies

Grade 3: May draft strategies for marketing

Grade 4: Sales research is understandable

Knowledge about Society Grade 1: Grasp the target culture

Grade 2: Understands nuanced social values

Grade 3: Will make social suggestions

Grade 4: Should consider consumers’ tastes and desires

Grade 5: May check social reporting

Critical Thinking Skills Grade 1: Will build ideas

Grade 2: Will collaborate on new projects in teams

Grade 3: Will carry out new ideas

Grade 4: You appreciate how complicated problems can be solved

Grade 5: Logical thinking should be used to solve problems.

Communication and Media Association Skills Grade 1: Capable of successfully transmitting and transmitting information

Grade 2: Media information can be read and translated quickly

Grade 3: Will build promotions

Grade 4: Can be readily correlated with media workers

Grade 5: Can interact through media

Oral and Written Statement Capabilities Grade 1: Capable of oral and written correspondence.

Grade 2: Can read and understand comments in writing

Grade 3: Should chat publicly with faith

Grade 4: Will compose media efficiency of the engine

Grade 5: Capable of sending team reports

  • Development
Compensable Factors Degree Statements Weights in Percentage
Engineering Knowledge Grade 1: Worthy of engineering concepts

Grade 2: Has technology experience

Grade 3: Applies technical principles to actual problems

Grade 4: Engineering creation can be expressed into processes

Grade 5: Apps should be built

Decision Making Skills Grade 1: Can assist in general decision-making

Grade 2: Will present reliable choices

Grade 3: Worthy of collective decision-making

Grade 4: Can convince anyone easily?

Grade 5: May plan to take action

Design Knowledge Grade 1: Detailed design

Grade 2: May parts evaluate design

Grade 3: May design graduation

Grade 4: Can be designed in processes

Grade 5: Should train designers

Critical Thinking Skills Grade 1: Cognitive reasoning is applicable

Grade 2: One should consider solutions objectively

Grade 3: The best alternatives should be chosen

Grade 4: Solutions to complex problems

Grade 5: Proposals should be questioned

Oral and Written Expression Abilities Grade 1: Capable of transmitting information

Grade 2: Worthy of convincing others

Grade 3: Capable of reading and writing difficult statements

Grade 4: Able to communicate through oral speech

Grade 5: Will create complicated reports

  1. Consumer Service
Compensable Factors Degree Statements Weights in Percentages
Customer Service Knowledge Grade 1: Helping customers to understand

Grade 2: Consumer partnership

Grade 3: Delivers compelling consumer details

Grade 4: Includes the complexity of consumers

Grade 5: Market concerns resolution

Computer Skills Grade 1: Capable of using a device

Grade 2: Should analyze computer market data

Grade 3: can work with productivity and speed

Grade 4: Complex applications that can be used

Grade 5: Can assist consumers in interpreting data quickly

Critical Thinking Skills Grade 1: Market issues should be objectively thought of

Grade 2: Will create difficult solutions.

Grade 3: Will reason with clients

Grade 4: Can use solutions available

Grade 5: Novel remedies may be established

Problem Solving Skills Grade 1: A problem solving comprehend

Grade 2: Alternatives from options are sought

Grade 3: Actively engaging in teams

Grade 4: Ideas should be applied

Grade 5: You should disclose problems

Oral and Written Communication Skills Grade 1: Oral and written consumer correspondence

Grade 2: Interacting successfully with consumers

Grade 3: Capable of reading complicated declarations

Grade 4: Solutions to connect

Grade 5: Able of settling conflicts effectively



  1. Calculate Point Values for e-Sonic Jobs

Administrative Job Structure

Compensable Factor Total
Degree 1 2 3 4 5
Administrative and Management Knowledge 90 175 260 335 460 180
Computer Software Application Knowledge and Skill 40 70 105 140 175 345
Writing and Attention to Detail Knowledge and Skills 40 70 105 140 175 275
Oral and Written Skills 55 120 180 240 300 350
Time Management Skills 40 65 95 135 160 275

 Total Points for Administrative Job Structure: 630

Sales and Marketing

Compensable Factor Total
Degree 1 2 3 4 5
Marketing and Sales Knowledge 85 170 255 340 425 85
Knowledge about Society 35 70 105 140 175 155
Critical Thinking Skills 35 70 105 140 175 155
Communication and Media Association Skills 60 120 180 240 300 205
Oral and Written Statement Capabilities 35 70 105 140 175 190

Total Points for Sales and Marketing Job Structure: 450


Compensable Factor Total
Degree 1 2 3 4 5
Engineering Knowledge 85 170 255 340 425 255
Decision Making Skills 35 70 105 140 175 290
Design Knowledge 35 70 105 140 175 290
Critical Thinking Skills 60 120 180 240 300 375
Oral and Written Statement Capabilities 35 70 105 140 175 430

Total Points for Development Job Structure: 620

Customer Service

Compensable Factor Total
Degree 1 2 3 4 5
Customer Service Knowledge 85 170 255 340 425 85
Computer Skills 35 70 105 140 175 120
Critical Thinking Skills 35 70 105 140 175 120
Critical Thinking Skills 60 120 180 240 300 205
Oral and Written Statement Capabilities 35 70 105 140 175 155

Total Points for Customer Service Job Structure: 345


NAICS (2017). 512250 – Record Production and Distribution. Retrieved from

Martocchio, J.J. (2015). Strategic compensation: A human resource management approach, 8th edition. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Pearson Education, Inc.

O*Net Online. (2015). Retrieved from the Occupational Job Handbook Guide at

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