Diabetes, a contemporary approach. A case study.

Diabetes, a contemporary approach
Diabetes, a contemporary approach

Diabetes, a contemporary approach

Learning outcomes as follows: Examine multi professional diabetes services and illustrate an understanding of other professionals‘ roles and how these contribute to the service.

Identify and critically evaluate educational strategies for clients with diabetes in order to ensure effective self-management.

My case study is as follows:
Appendix A- Case Study
Case Study
A 69 year old patient, who suffers with type one diabetes, self administers insulin and has done for many years. When admitted to the ward for wound
management for leg ulcers, it became apparent that she regularly experienced hyperglycaemia and demonstrated poor technique when delivering her insulin, when this was discussed with the patient she did not seem to acknowledge there was a problem. It had been reported from the district nursing team that she had been non-compliant with bed rest at home. Due to the patients poor management of her diabetes and technique the nursing staff referred her to the diabetic nurses, dietician, tissue viability specialist and also the community mental health team.

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