Differences between Theory and Practical Processes

Differences between Theory and Practical Processes EVENTS are PROCESS driven and many STAKEHOLDERS are involved along the way, yet by and large,

Differences between Theory and Practical Processes
Differences between Theory and Practical Processes

it is the PROCESSES that have been studied more frequently and not the STAKEHOLDERS’. EXPLAIN why such a CONCLUSION may have been drawn. A well researched and referenced paper is needed. A well-written essay comparable to a 1st class standard.
The theme of the essay
CONCLUSION – This essay wants you to look at the statement and explain why someone may have come to the conclusion at ?� a point of time’. The note says
it ?� may’ have been drawn so there is a question as to its validity. Also, it does not restrict that time is an impact on the answer.
EXPLAIN – Your research is your explanation and the direction of your research will in many ways impact on the direction of your answer. There is no right
the answer, but a wrong answer is one that does not reflect the research or the explanation is too weak to support a definitive answer.
The content of the essay
Introduction – “this essay endeavors to reveal blah ………..In order to do this, we must define
EVENTS – What is an event and how are they defined? Are there models which reveal how they [events] are managed/delivered?
PROCESS – What is a process and are there processes which are specific to events. Are there differences between theory processes and practical processes? Can
events which use event process models be identified [compare to those that don’t?]
STAKEHOLDERS – What is an events stakeholder? How do they impact/fit into events processes and can they be separated from processes and therefore less
studied/understood. There is a distinct connection between stakeholders and impacts management and therefore is management not a process?
Conclusion – This is your chance to say what you think in ?� your words’, ?� your conclusions’ which derive from the evaluation/findings. This is where you need not be referencing, but DO NOT introduce new subjects you are concluding, not including/adding! This is your words where there may be conflicts with what different people say or between theory and practice. [300

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