Directors of Camp Portlandia Letter of Reference

Directors of Camp Portlandia Letter of Reference Scenario:
Your neighbors, Dave and Kath Smith, have asked you to write them a letter of reference.

Directors of Camp Portlandia Letter of Reference
Directors of Camp Portlandia Letter of Reference

They are volunteering to be the directors of Camp Portlandia, a month-long summer camp for underprivileged youth. Camp Portlandia provides inner-city kids ages 10-14 the chance to learn outdoor skills like camping, canoeing, and hiking in a wilderness setting. It’s a typical summer camp staffed by volunteer youth counselors (university students) and supervised by an adult director or directors who give up their summer vacation to serve the camp.
Dave and Kath have lived in your neighborhood for 6 years and you see them regularly at the dog park and at community events. You also worked with them in a semi-professional setting when they first joined the Neighbourhood Watch and Planning
Association 3 years ago. At that time, you were the president of the NWPA, but stepped down a year later, when Dave and Kath took over the executive leadership. They remain co-presidents of the NWPA; however, membership in the NWPA has declined since then from 50 to 2, with most neighbors joining the newly formed NDKNW (No Dave or Kath Neighbourhood Watch)
Unfortunately, you cannot say no to this request.
Please send your letter to me, Shannon Meek, the Chair of the Camp Portlandia Board of Directors, at 154 Holloway Lane,
Princeton, BC V6X 2R3, as a Word document with your last name in the File name, via the D2L dropbox.
Below are some helpful videos to remind you of the times you’ve spent watching Dave and Kath in action.
Dog Park

River Rafting

Get the Gear

Outdoor Movie

Make sure you do your research and remember – reference letters should speak only about what they have ‘seen’ and ‘know’.

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