Discuss the causes and impact of expatriate failure

Discuss the causes and impact of expatriate failure


Discuss the causes and impact of expatriate failure

Choose one international company from the service sector. As an HR director, you are requested to propose an international human resource management plan to manage the international staffing. You are to formulate a critical report to the board of directors with the following objectives: 

•Discuss the causes and impact of expatriate failure. 

•Evaluate the current international staffing practices in the chosen company. 

•Recommend an effective international staffing strategy. 

To accomplish these objectives, you will be expected to 

a)develop an analysis the causes and impact of expatriate failure. This analysis will be based on a critical evaluation of the relevant literature about the theoretical debate on expatriate management, Cross Cultural Management and IHRM. 

b)evaluate the expatriate management practices in the company you choose; This evaluation should consider the expatriate training, reward, performance management, and talent management practices. 

c)draw conclusions and suggest recommendations regarding to a thoughtful and practical international staffing management strategy. 

Criteria for Assessment 

This assignment is designed to assess learning outcomes: 

1.Critically evaluate the impact of culture on organizational life 

2.Identify and contrast key areas of similarity and difference in HR practice between countries 

4. Measure and critically analyse the impact and effectiveness of international assignments 

Tables, diagrams, appendices and references are omitted from the overall word count: 

Sections contributing to the word count are indicated. You may also include tables, diagrams and models. Ensure that all tables, diagrams and models are labelled, include a citation and are discussed in the text. Appendices and reference list are not included in the word count.

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