Discussion on Bullying Issue Persuasive Essay

Discussion on Bullying Issue Persuasive Essay In this third segment, we have considered a number of texts that examine the issue of bullying.

Discussion on Bullying Issue Persuasive Essay
Discussion on Bullying Issue Persuasive Essay

Now, you will need to draft a short persuasive essay that takes a stand on the following related topic:

Bullying is a problem that has become a very hot topic in recent years. Do you feel that the attention that has been paid to this issue has been justified or does it seem exaggerated? Why or why not? For example, a couple of the articles that we read in this unit discuss the fact that bullying has been punished as a crime in some recent cases. Do you think that this is appropriate? Why or why not? In short, this essay should examine whether or not we are making too much of an issue out of bullying, an aspect of childhood that has obviously existed for decades if not centuries.

Please use the information to support your position – from the assigned readings and/or from outside sources. You need not to complete any formal MLA documentation for such reference works, but you must make mention of the source of any ideas that you paraphrase or passages that you quote. (For example, if you are referring to Carmen Morais‘ article, you would include an introductory phrase like this: In her article “Bullies Behind Bars?” Carmen Morais states, “…”)

Nuts and bolts: This essay should be approximately five to eight paragraphs in length. Ideally, it will be approximately two to three pages long. Given the more formal academic modes you are engaging here, as with SE2, you must refrain from using the first-person voice when drafting this essay. In other words, you must NOT use phrases such as “I think…,” “I feel…” or “In my opinion.”

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