Diversity social justice and advocacy

Diversity social justice and advocacy
Diversity social justice and advocacy

Diversity social justice and advocacy

Choose 2 of 3 Prompts, and indicate which prompts. Answer should include terms, concepts, and discussion topics from class lectures and course literature indicating that you have a clear understanding of the course material.

  1. What is social justice and advocacy?What does it mean to be an ally and how is that related to social justice work? This answer should include in-depth discussion of the Three Levels of Action including a clear example of what social justice work looks like on the three levels of micro, meso, and macro. Evaluate and reflect on your experience at Auburn. Give an example of how you can advocate for a group at the meso and macro level relative to Auburn University.
  2. What is cultural competency and why is it important? Prove why cultural competency should be a requirement of training for law enforcement officials and for secondary educators and administrators. Your answer should include current research, historical context, and a review of policies and regulations. Please include at least 4 best practices including a rationale for each.
  3. Describe cultural appropriation and describe an example of how culture can be appropriated using an ethnic minority population as your example. Why might cultural appropriation impact individuals eho belong to a minority negatively? How can one show cultural appreciation instead and what are best practices? Explain the Bennett’s Model of Cultural Competence. Reflect on your own personal growth throughout the course of this semester and relate it to where you find yourself on the Bennett’s Model. Explain your position and rationale for what stage you currently exist in. In conclusion, discuss what behavioral actions may indicate what stage an individual may be in when progressing through Bennett’s Model.

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