Doctoral Study and the Scholar Practitioner

Doctoral Study and the Scholar Practitioner
Doctoral Study and the Scholar Practitioner

Doctoral Study and the Scholar Practitioner

Doctoral Study and the Scholar Practitioner

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Doctoral Study and the Scholar Practitioner Model
Social change and the scholar-practitioner model are vital aspects of the school mission. Courses are designed to support you in your quest for affecting positive social change and becoming an effective scholar-practitioner. For this paper, you should reflect upon how your doctoral study concept has evolved since the start of this course and the ways in which you have built a solid foundation for your doctoral study project.

• Consider how your particular doctoral study might impact improvement on management or a business practice. Reflect on the most important components of this process.


Doctoral Study and the Scholar Practitioner Model

In any school mission, the scholar-practitioner model and social change make up very fundamental aspects. Developing courses is necessary as it supports in the quest of being an efficient scholar-practitioner as well as affecting optimistic social change. Since this course began, the concept of the doctoral study has evolved considerably. One of the most important things I have learnt is that the proper activities should be used when selecting the research topic depending on the defined problem (Liebowitz, 2015).  Before the viable research topic is selected, the person should be prepared mentally to engage fully in the development and exploration process. There are three methods that can be used to approach the problem so as to more fully comprehend the problem before making attempts to implement or develop solutions. These are isolating and giving structure, magnifying the problem, and searching for theory.

I have been able to build a firm foundation for the doctoral study project through a number of ways. The first is the need to critically evaluate and analyze the existing scientific paradigms and dogma (Holly, Geller & Drexel University, 2014). I realized that since early childhood, I was socialized into accepting whatever I read or was told without any significant critical analysis. I realized that without the critical analysis, I would not even find an appropriate topic since I would never be able to identify a gap in literature. Therefore, for a firm foundation in the doctoral study project, I began being very attentive on everything I read. Moreover, using academic materials such as peer-reviewed journals and engaging in detailed research was another component since I was able to gain varying ideas, which helped come up with an authentic research problem.

The doctoral study can help improve business practices in a number of ways. During data collection through methods such as interviews and case studies, one gains different skills and acquires hands-on experiences which helps position the person strategically as a leader. On the same note, the doctoral study was revolving around an actual business challenge (Van, 2011). Therefore, doing a literature review on it and coming up with conclusions and recommendations on how the issue can be solved would help a business person be able to address such an issue more effectively in the real world. The idea of applying research-based evidence also comes in here. The entire processes of the doctoral study help sharpen leadership and decision-making skills, broaden knowledge on applied research and theory, as well as acquire experience needed for managing positive changes within any company (Topp, 2006). For example, a doctoral study on the globalization trends would help a person be able to use cultural competence and diversity appropriately, use the most appropriate recruitment and training strategies in new countries, and solve any conflicts amicably. This is based on the fact that there is a focus on the latest theories, research, as well as trends that influence business as far as globalization is concerned.

Therefore, a doctoral study on globalization trends in business would assist a person in business practices. The person would be able to come up with solutions to real-world and complex world problems, conduct research so as to advance present knowledge on business leadership, and identify the emerging theories. In addition, there would be an evaluation of how globalization relates to other disciplines.


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