Documentary Viewpoints of September 11 2001

Documentary Viewpoints of September 11 2001, What cultural, religious and ideological factors contribute to the attitudes in both documentary accounts. Compare and contrast the ideas and viewpoints regarding the September 11th attacks.
Here are the two movies:

Documentary Viewpoints of September 11 2001
Documentary Viewpoints of September 11 2001

" In Memoriam"
" Searching for the Roots of 9/11"
Here are some notes I took down for the video, searching for the roots of 9/11:
-Thomas Friedman chooses to interview smart and wealthy Muslims.
-The 19 hijackers were moderates before they became extremist.
-The Muslims were happy and parading around in the streets when 9/11 occurred.
-The three rivers of rage.
-The Muslims are angry and frustrated because the Muslim world has fallen behind everyone else.
-The Muslims think their blood is cheap and Americans have rich blood.
-9/11 happened because the Muslims were trying to get their point across
-The terrorist was pathologically jealous of the US
-The Muslims think humiliation is the single most underestimated force in international relations
-The lead terrorist, Muhammad Atta, grew up in the middle class.
-Muhammad became radicalized in Europe.
-Europe is struggling with diversity.
-15 hijackers came from Saudi Arabia and 4 from other Arab Countries
-The Muslims believe everything they see in the newspaper, magazines, and on the internet
-The internet and newspapers tell lies about 9/11
-Ayman al-Zawahiri went to prison for 3 years and was tortured. He came out even angrier at his government and the American people.
-Zawahiri and Bin Laden came together to join forces
-Monarchies still exist in the middle east.
-Muslims now was to have peace and be able to go to America to get a good education
Thomas Friedman interviewed wealthy, and smart kids because he wanted " to get" to these young people who will be the leaders in the near future.

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