Early communication theorists Assignment

Early communication theorists
Early communication theorists

Early communication theorists

Early communication theorists

1) Early communication theorists believed in the direct effects model, but research has suggested that this model doesn’t adequately explain how we interact with media content. Why? 2) The text provides students with some additional theories such as Uses and Gratifications, Symbolic Interactionism, Agenda Setting, Spiral of Silence, Media Logic, and Cultivation Analysis. Choose one of these theories and explain what it involves and how it can help us understand how society is affected by media. (remember to include quotations if using a definition) 3) In addition, describe a specific example from your own life or from your observations of others that illustrates the theory. You can describe how others are behaving if you don’t want to describe yourself, but it has to be something you’ve witnessed.

Prompt 2 Chapter 2:
In the chapter it also explains some possible concerns/flaws with these theories. 1) Please discuss a limitation/weakness associated with the theory you chose in Prompt 1 and explain why this theory may not always accurately explain our response to media. 2.) Much has been written about the connection between media and violence, especially when it comes to effects on young people. How does the text discuss this connection? What do you think? Explain why.

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