Early Italian Renaissance Essay Paper

Early Italian Renaissance
                       Early Italian Renaissance

Early Italian Renaissance

Early Italian Renaissance art often reflected an interest in Classical antiquity, commonly known as “humanism” (an interest in the potential of the individual, classical culture, education, science, and civic virtue). Also, because of the pride and competition between the artists, there was a variety of individual styles.

Pick a work of art from this category (c. 1400-1494) either from the module text or not, and analyze it based on style and subject matter; what elements, if any, can be traced back to Classical art and culture? What elements are Medieval? What elements come from scientific observation of the natural world? Does your work of art really reflect a turning point in Western Culture or not? What was the intended function of the work? What was going on in Italy at the time that helped to shape this art?

You may want to review earlier modules dealing with Greece and Rome.

NOTE: Please avoid choosing Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, or Michelangelo; they are considered High Renaissance artists and we’re concerned with the Early Renaissance here.

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