Early medieval history,see order description.

This paper asks you to combine the close reading of a primary source with the ability to find scholarly sources and interpret an appropriate scholarly
article. First the primary source that we are working with is Einhard , life of Charles the Great. Second, Device a question about medieval history that can
be answered using this primary source. Third develop a bibliography of at least five scholarly books and eight journal articles that would allow you to begin
to write some authority. Use such databases as J- store or Google, but my instructor recommends Worldcat. Write the bibliography using the Chicago format, as
guided by the link provided above.correct formatting counts.Fourth,choose one scholarly article that you think would be particularly useful and write a six
page essay that uses your interpretation of the source and of the scholarly article to shape an answer to your question. When discussing the article keep in
mind that scholarly articles are arguments and not just sources of fact ,make sure to explain how the articles argument shapes your view of question, while
articulating a strong thesis rooted in your reading of the primary source.I will upload the copies of this Charles the great primary source in few
hours.everything that used must be cited.number 1 in “number of sources/references“i put formally,since everything has to be cited

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