Economic analysis for city planning CASE MEMO

Economic analysis for city planning CASE MEMO
   Economic analysis for city planning CASE                                               MEMO

Economic analysis for city planning CASE MEMO

Please check the pdf of guideline I attached, basically a case memo. I will also upload some of the readings for this class. Make sure you include all the stuff in the guideline: numbers, comparison and analysis.

Make sure you know what is a memo.

What is a memo?

A memo is not a typical academic paper, but something intended to be read by a specific recipient. It should convey information concisely, in a format that makes it easy for the reader to follow and identify key pieces of information.

You can address it like this:

To: ________
From: Your name
Date: ________
RE: Whatever your memo is about

How should it be organized? This is not an academic essay, so you probably don’t want to use the typical essay format of thesis paragraph, middle paragraphs, conclusion. Your memo should be the following:

Be concise. Don’t try to summarize the entire document. Identify and cover the key points. Organize the content in a way that’s easy to follow and draws the reader’s attention.
Be specific. Include important details: summary dollar amounts, conclusions, key facts that will be helpful to your audience.
Be critical. draw attention to weaknesses, missing information, or other flaws in the reports you are summarizing.
Should you use bullets? Maybe, but don’t use them to avoid writing out complete thoughts. If you’re listing items that don’t require additional explanation, bullets can be a useful way to flag key facts for the reader. Use them sparingly.

Should you use headings? That depends on how long and well-organized your memo is. Headings can help the reader identify the structure and key elements of your memo at a glance. Headings in memos (and newspaper articles) should be informative, not just a single word. The reader should be able to tell from the heading what the text below it will be discussing.

Should you take a position on the issue? You have been asked to write a memo that “explains and evaluates” a set of reports,
and your audience is someone who will need to take a position on a specific issue. Your memo doesn’t need to advocate for a
particular position, but it shouldn’t just summarize the information as presented. See above about being critical.

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