Economic History of Modern Europe

Economic History of Modern Europe The Reading you need to do :
BBC (2017) The Seven Ages of Science, Episodes 1-3 (
CRAFTS, N.F.R.(1985) ?Sources of Economic Growth,? in British Economic Growth during the Industrial Revolution (Oxford: Clarendon Press).

Economic History of Modern Europe
Economic History of Modern Europe

HORRELL, S. AND HUMPHRIES, J. (1995) ?’The Exploitation of Little Children?: Child Labor and the Family Economy in the Industrial Revolution.? Explorations
in Economic History, vol. 32, 485-516.
HUMPHRIES, J. (2017) ?Children of the Revolution? VIDEO (PARTS 1-3).
HUMPHRIES, J. (2002) ?The Parallels Between the Past and the Present,? in International Labor Standards: History, Theory, and Policy Options (Kaushik Basu,
Henrik Horn, Lisa Rom?n, Judith Shapiro (eds.)) (Oxford: Blackwell Publishing Ltd.).
U.K. PARLIAMENT (1832) ?Child Labour in the Factories, Testimony Presented to the Sadler Committee,? in A. MacEwan and T. Weisskopf (eds), Perspectives on
the Economic Problem: A Book of Readings in Political Economy (Englewood: Prentice-Hall).
the era during industrialization, so the difference before and after industrialization.

Economic History of Modern Europe Term Paper Assignment

The term paper assignment is aimed at providing students with an opportunity to think deeply and thoughtfully about the impact of economic change on the people who experienced it in history, and to consider the cause and effect relationships relevant to these episodes of change.
Part I: Write a 500-750 word reflection on the circumstances faced by a person, family or community that is experiencing fundamental economic change during
one of the periods we discuss in this course. You will want to provide a brief summary of what their life was like before the change, what kinds of changes
are occurring or have occurred and how those changes are impacting their well-being. Some examples include:
a child labourer;
the parent of a child-labourer;
Part II: Write a 2500 to 3000 word (maximum) argumentative essay that explains the circumstances faced by the person or group you write about in Part I. Your analysis should include a discussion of the broader background and contemporary context of the particular circumstances, as well as a theoretical framework
that facilitates understanding of the economic, social and political forces at play.

Economic History of Modern Europe Term Paper Guidelines

The term paper should make an argument about the specific issue raised by the circumstances of your chosen historical character. That is, you should make a
claim about the cause and effect relationships that explain the context the character finds him, or her, self in. Your essay will include supportive evidence
from the perspective of economic theory and evidence from the literature on this topic. Sources may include a combination of journal articles and books.
Reports by international organizations, statistical agencies or research institutions may be cited if they are based upon scholarly research. Wikipedia and
other online or hard-copy encyclopedias are not appropriate sources for this course (although you may find it helpful to consult them as a first step toward
finding more scholarly literature). See If in doubt, check with Professor Douglas.
All term papers must be submitted to Turnitin by 3pm on the due date, and a hard copy handed in to Professor Douglas, the TA or in the department office by
the same time. The paper must also include a cover page with its signed declaration. The cover page can be provided on the Connect course website.
1. Introduction
Should introduce the topic and explain why this topic is interesting in terms of its economic and/or historical importance
It should also include a brief literature review
What are the key lines of debate, views, etc… presented in a nutshell
Thesis Statement or hypothesis
the introduction should end with a thesis statement
It is an assertion about the issue at hand, a claim that you will argue is true
your argument is presented in the context of the existing literature
The rest of the essay will present evidence to support that hypothesis
2. Specification of an Economic Model
this section answers the question, ?How do we think about this problem more generally??
it is where you present the argument(s) of economists, or other theorists, about the cause and effect relationships thought to explain the relationships
underlying the problem.
the model may be in the form of mathematics, geometry, a diagram, or words
o the content of this section should be informed by the readings you have done on the topic as well as your knowledge of economic theory
what approaches have other scholars used?
why do you think this approach is the most appropriate?
3. Evidence and Analysis (Discussion)
this is where you present the evidence you have gathered to support the hypothesis
the evidence may be in the form of written words and statistics gathered from your scholarly sources (secondary evidence)
or it may be in the form of original data or documents from the period (primary evidence)
and/or graphs, diagrams, and other images
this section represents the main body of your essay
refer back to the key variables and relationships identified in the model, theory or framework of analysis

Economic History of Modern Europe Conclusion

here is where you summarize the results and implications of the analysis- if relevant, suggest further work that would help to resolve the issue

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