Educational Issues/pedagogical practices

Educational Issues/pedagogical practices
Educational Issues/pedagogical practices

Educational Issues/pedagogical practices

Being able to research and write about educational issues, pedagogical practices, or learning areas you plan to teach in are skills you should not underestimate or ignore. Teaching is a profession that requires professionalism. Continuing to be a student once you have started teaching and being an active promoter of education and your area of study are things that can help you truly be a professional. This final paper is designed to start you off on that foot.

Your assignment is to select one of the various issues we have either discussed this semester. Once you have chosen, research the issue utilizing any of the various databases provided through Milner Library.

Books are okay to use, but the majority of research should be from articles. Your paper should be around 1,500 words and should be an informative lit review of between five or six resources.

Appropriate citation is required and you may choose APA, MLA, or Chicago as your style.

An easy way to approach the paper is to follow this statement:

“Current research in the area of ___________________ states, asserts, suggests…”

You will be assessed on the following things:

  1. The relevance and significance of the articles selected. 50 points
  2. The style of your writing. 30 points
  3. Grammar, punctuation, spelling, and proof reading. 10 points
  4. Appropriate citation technique. 10 points

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