Effects of climate change on waterborne diseases

Effects of climate change on waterborne diseases
Effects of climate change on waterborne diseases

Effects of climate change on waterborne diseases

Need future research on the Effects of climate change on waterborne diseases in Africa. Find research articles that may discuss where the research is heading and what will be the next steps to address controversies or questions arising from current literature. 1-2 pages would be great.

Water-Borne Diseases and Their Effects Due to Climate Changes in Africa
Department of Biological Sciences


African countries are some of the most vulnerable to climatic changes in the world. Climate change alters water nutrient levels, temperature, precipitation, water and air movement and other factors that are detrimental to human health. Due to the vulnerability of African countries, problems increase in other areas of African that make it hard to deal with the additional health challenges posed by climate change. Changes in weather patterns and climatic conditions then affect a population with an illness that makes climate change even harder to manage. Consequently, the rising temperatures, increased frequency and the intensity of extreme weather events can directly impact health and can affect the rate of infections of both infectious and vector-borne diseases. The effects of climate change are thus negative and affect health globally.
Key words: climate change, health, vulnerability, temperature, water, Africa, weather

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