Effects of Undocumented Parents on US Born Children

Effects of Undocumented Parents on US Born Children need to add on more literature reviews here is m lit review because it is not allowing me to upload it copy & paste

Effects of Undocumented Parents on US Born Children Literature review

Research has shown that in almost every third of the immigrant children, one of them have an undocumented parent. Most of the parents are immigrant citizens who enter the country either legally or illegally.

Effects of Undocumented Parents on US Born Children
Effects of Undocumented Parents on US Born Children

The one that enters legally overstay past the expiration period rendering them illegal immigrants. At the time of immigration, most of the immigrants are not accompanied by children because of the strict measures that are put in place. After entering the United States, most of the immigrantís bear children who in turn have undocumented parents. Growing up as a child with undocumented parents comes with a number of both physical and mental effects. There are socioeconomic drawbacks that can be linked with the undocumented parents. When comparing the children with undocumented parents with the ones with documented parents, there is a disparity that is observed. Those with illegal parents receive low levels of education. Equally some of the other effects include employment and income.

Effects of Undocumented Parents on US Born Children

Undocumented parenthood is linked with low levels of cognitive growth and academic progression. This runs from the early stages of childhood to the late stages of adulthood. This situation can be evidenced at the adolescent stage. The young children of two to three years of age had fewer standards of cognitive ability. There is a retarded positive feeling in the Middle Ages in cases where the children have undocumented parents. The children had low educational anticipations, and they encounter several barriers towards the attainment of their academic goals. This as well impacted on their ability to attend college fully as compared to their colleagues. The children and adolescents with undocumented parents seemed to have high levels of anxiety, and they depicted some form of stress and depression. Equally, another research established that having undocumented parents were characterized by few years spent in the academic spectrum. However, this largely relied upon the socioeconomic position of the families.

Effects of Undocumented Parents on US Born Children

Worries that arise in children in the process of anticipating for the arrest of their parents make them experience depression, anxiety, and stress. Qualitative studies have shown that the worries of parent abduction impact on child development either directly or indirectly. The undocumented families live in fear of the authorities because they anticipate any sudden arrest. Children born from the undocumented parents suffered stigmatization considering what others perceived of them. They are not at ease being regarded as immigrants. As a result, they find themselves avoiding coming into contact with their fellows in school leading to school dropouts and low quality of education. In times of deportation of the illegal immigrants, the children encounter several menaces. They become separated from their parents, and as a result, their growth is impaired. Undocumented parents cannot enjoy all the benefits that are provided by the government to the adults. The services include healthcare and perinatal care, housing, emergency support, and monetary assistance. The undocumented parents as well cannot expand their medical cover, and thus they cannot cover their children. Some of the services that are provided by the federal government to the US children cannot reach those with the undocumented parents. The services include the Children’s Health Insurance Program.

Effects of Undocumented Parents on US Born Children

According to this article by Jeffery S. Passel, DíVera Cohn and John Gramlich, about 250,000 babies were born to unauthorize immigrant parents in the United States in 2016, the latest year for which information is available, according to a new Pew Research Center analysis of government data. This represents a 36% decrease from a peak of about 390,000 in 2007. The analysis follows President Donald Trump’s announcement that his administration may seek to end birthright citizenship. î This article is important because it shows.

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