Efficient Market Hypothesis Article Summary

Efficient Market Hypothesis Article Summary This assignment asks you to read, summarize and compare a number of articles that discuss efficient markets.

Efficient Market Hypothesis Article Summary
Efficient Market Hypothesis Article Summary

EMH, of course, should be of interest to us in investments because the assumptions of the EMH provide a rationale for analyzing the markets with a specific information set. So what I’d like you to do is: 1) Summarize each article and what it says about efficient markets. 2) Compare the two sets of articles discussing their differences 3) Using these articles and the evidence cite support your conclusion about efficient markets, namely are markets efficient? Be specific in discussing the theories and evidence presented in the articles. You do not have to limit yourself to these articles so you are welcome to use additional sources as long as you reference them in your paper. Please use authoritative sources so stay away from Investopedia and the like.

You may use other sources if you like but the primary information should come from your reading and understanding of the text and readings. Part of critical thinking is organizing information and making connections in ways that create new knowledge and that is really what this assignment asks you to do. So don’t be afraid to take chances or to make this material your own; your ideas and the relationships you discover are as valid as anyone else’s provided you can make a well – reasoned supporting the argument. Make those arguments!

Your paper should be typed, mechanically and grammatically correct and free of spelling errors. It should be of sufficient length to adequately fulfill the requirements of the assignment.

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