Eggs Protein foams Cheese Lab report

Eggs Protein foams Cheese Lab report
Eggs Protein foams Cheese Lab report

Eggs Protein foams Cheese Lab report

The report should be divided into the following sections:
1. Introduction – Should include a clear statement regarding the purpose of the experiment.

2. Methods – Refer to the experiment/procedure available on the NUTR 1102 Laboratory
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3. Results – Include data tables as completed in lab. Means and standard deviations should be calculated and correct. Tables and figures should be numbered and labelled and appear in the order that they are referred to in the text. The reader should be able to look at the table and understand its contents without reading the report.

4. Discussion – A discussion of the results and what they mean. This section will probably be longer than other sections of the report; however, be as concise as possible. Marks will be taken off for irrelevant information. It is not necessary to repeat information
provided in the tables. You will need to refer to the tables and graphs in the Results section. Be sure to specify which table or graph you are referring to, i.e. (Table 2) or (Figure 1), etc. Try to discuss in experimental blocks. Integrate objective and subjective data. In the discussion, try to explain why you got the results that you did, especially if they differed from the expected. Does literature support or negate findings? Was there something about the samples or testing environment that could have caused the deviation from the expected, i.e. fluctuations in oven temperature, personal element, untrained panel, sensory fatigue. Were any trends evident? Discussion should be supported with
theory and referenced accordingly. References should be listed numerically in the order they appear in the report. Numbers should appear in brackets following the citation. The full reference should be listed at the end of the report under the References section.

5. Conclusions – A brief summary of what the experiment has shown and possible implications or applications (food service, food industry, domestic, consumer retail level, etc.). This section should give the reader an idea of the purpose and usefulness of the tests without reading the rest of the lab report.

6. References – A list of only those references cited in the report should be included. Full references should be listed numerically in the order they appear in the report. In addition.

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