Emarketing and The Social Technographic

Emarketing and The Social Technographic Order Instructions: 1. Forrester Research suggests a segmentation scheme for online engagement – “The Social Technographic”.

Emarketing and The Social Technographic
Emarketing and The Social Technographic

Research about this segmentation scheme, and summarise your findings in half a page.
2. What are the arguments for and against using existing brand names on the Web?
3. What are some important criteria for Internet domain naming?

Sample Answer on Emarketing and The Social Technographic


e-Marketing has gained a lot of approval and adoption by many companies. This trend has been necessitated by the increasing adoption and accessibility of the internet. Nowadays, people have shifted from traditional ways of accessing information on various products and services to digital platforms. The author provides a summary of The social Technographics one of the instruments used for segmentation scheme for online engagement,  presents arguments for an against the use of existing brand names on the web and finally some of the important criteria for internet domain naming.

The social technographic is a market segmentation analysis tool a concept first developed by Dr. Edward Forrest in 1985 and now adopted by the Forest research Inc.  The tool is used for identification and profiling of behaviors and characteristics of consumers through market segmentation process (Forrester Partners, 2001. The tool was created due to the increasing adoption of computers and home video and as many people began to explore the internet. The major aim of its development was to help in measuring and categorizing consumers based on their usage patterns, ownership communication and entertainment technologies and attitudes towards information. The tool is used by marketing professionals, technology industry executives and business strategists to identify their customers for them to adopt appropriate strategies of ensuring that they get information about their products. The information is also used to help these marketers design and come up with products and services that match the lifestyle and expectations of the customers.

Using existing brand names has drawbacks as well as benefits. One of the benefits or the argument that propose the use of the existing brand name is that it ensures consistency. People or users of certain products will not have a hard time to identify with the brand (Management Study Guide, 2015). It becomes easier therefore for the consumers or the users to access information pertaining to other brands introduced. The other argument for use of the existing brand name on the web is that it limits the time it takes for the user to access the brand as opposed to using other brand names. There are however some drawbacks or rather arguments that are against the concept of using an existing brand name on the web. One is that it may lead to confusion because of extending the brands. The users may not easily know the products or services they are looking for if there will be some additions that are done. It may lead to loss of reliability especially in unrelated markets. Furthermore, the new product may damage the image of the original brand hence causing loses to the company.  The likelihood of reduced investments on the new products may lead to less awareness causing loses.

Internet domain naming is one of the important parts when designing a website.  A name is essential when people discover, think about, talk about, navigate and search a website.  To come up with the good name it needs a combination of imagination, strategy as well as good linguistic design practices on the side of the designer (Judd 2015). Therefore, the good criteria for the domain name are too, first of all, ponder about the name and how suitable it is. The name should be short, measurable and catchy. It should have easy spelling and pronunciation. It should as well not be too similar to that of your competitors and need not violate another person’s trademark. This means that it is very important to ensure that the process of getting the name if legalized to avoid breaching any law. Observing this criterion will help one to come up with a name that will allow many online users to access your website easily.

Emarketing and The Social Technographic Reference list

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