Emissions and Mitigation at the Community Scale

Emissions and Mitigation at the Community Scale Dig deeper into the community that you began to study in Assignment 1.

Emissions and Mitigation at the Community Scale
Emissions and Mitigation at the Community Scale

Based on simple secondary research (i.e., you don’t need to collect or produce your own new data – seek reputable data that already exist) produce a 2000-word (+/- 10%) assessment of the GHG emissions and mitigation options for the community.

Be sure your paper covers the following:

Briefly described the area of study demographically, socioeconomically, and environmentally from the perspective of climate change mitigation. Do not copy and paste your description from assignment 1 that was specific to climate change impacts and adaptation.

Summarize the major sources of greenhouse gas emissions in this area.

Identify four mitigation options that address these sources of greenhouse gas emissions.

Conclude by linking this area to the broader national/global climate change picture. Do you think that the community possesses an adequate mitigative capacity to respond to climate change?

Use images, graphs, and other compelling ways to communicate your data and illustrate emissions trajectories/mitigation options in your report. Be sure to include all sources for any images you use or data you cite.

Reflect back on your adaptation assignment – what are the synergies or trade-offs you can think of between adaptation and mitigation for this community?

The format of the paper:

An introduction section with a clear thesis or purpose statement that explains what the paper is about and outlines the structure of the paper to follow.

Use subheadings to structure your paper.

All tables and figures must be numbered sequentially and referred to in the text.

Sources for all ideas, statistical data, figures, etc must be properly referenced in the text using ‘author, year’ format (e.g., Scott and Burch 2011).

All sources cited in the text must be included in the bibliography, which is to be organized alphabetically. No other sources should be in the bibliography.

Any consistent format for in text references and the bibliography are acceptable, but if you are not sure consult APA or adopt the format guidelines of a professional journal like Climatic Change.

The paper will be evaluated on the following criteria:

Instructions followed and professional presentation of the document;

Quality and clarity of writing, the logical organization of the paper;

Effectiveness of the argument and data/information provided;

Authoritative/credible and diverse sources used;

Proper referencing of all idea, data, tables/figures and complete bibliography.

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