ENC Research Question and Observations Paper

ENC Research Question and Observations Paper For this report, you will draw on the research question and observations from your observational logbook. You will document your research in this scientific research report following the IMRAD organizational pattern.

ENC Research Question and Observations Paper

The research report will be in APA format, will include a brief (approx 50 word) abstract, and will cite at least five appropriate academic sources in the literature review.

ENC Research Question and Observations Paper
ENC Research Question and Observations Paper

You cannot use humans or animals as your subject of study.

If you need to, conduct a new experiment based on what you learned from your observation, keeping a new logbook as documentation of the new data.

For the Introduction, you will need to perform secondary research like you did for the literature review. The introduction contextualizes your research by reviewing previous scholarship and connecting it to the current research project, identifying the research question(s), and providing the hypothesis.

For the Methods section, provide a highly detailed description of the proposed research procedures, methods, and materials. Remember, communicating scientific research contributes to the scientific standard of replicability, making details important in this section.

ENC Research Question and Observations Paper

For the Results section, you will outline the major findings of the study. The paragraphs will be focused on a particular result or group of results, usually in response to each aspect of the research question. You will also include visualizations of the data, either in labeled graphs, tables, or photos.

For the Discussions section, provide an overview of the implications of major findings in light of previous scholarship and addressing the research question.

In the second-to-last paragraph, discuss the limitations of your study. In the final paragraph, summarize the outcome of your research in response to your research question and hypothesis, and provide suggestions for future research based on the unfilled gaps among previous and your own research.

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