English Uses of Situational and Dramatic Irony

English Uses of Situational and Dramatic Irony Write an analysis of one aspect ( character, setting, uses of irony) of one or two of the stories or plays on the reading list.

English Uses of Situational and Dramatic Irony
English Uses of Situational and Dramatic Irony

The topic I chose for this term paper is:
Uses of verbal, situational and dramatic irony in Poe’s "The cask of Amontillado" and Tony Cade Bambara’s "the lesson"
Poe’s The cask of amontillado:
Tony Cade Bambara’s The lesson:
Please note:
1. the paper needs to have a standard title page which gives an original title for the paper.
2. Use a minimum of 10 resources and given them proper credit via-in-text citations (not footnotes or endnotes) and bibliography in either MLA format.
3. Do not use wikipedia as a primary source for the term paper. Stay with the proven academic resources for this assignment.
4. remember that academic writing style calls for semiformal diction, avoidance of slang and avoidance of the occasional second person reference.
5. Please do not use the links I shared above as two of the sources. You need to find extra 10 other than those two.
6. Usage factors such as spelling, sentence structure, idiom an punctuation will be counted as well as the content in the scoring of all written work.

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