Essay Discussion of Heritage or Heresy

Essay Discussion of Heritage or Heresy Essay/Reaction Piece: Students will read the book, Heritage or Heresy:

Essay Discussion of Heritage or Heresy
Essay Discussion of Heritage or Heresy

Archaeology & Culture on the Maya Riviera and write a typed, double-spaced, 5-6 page essay about the issues involved with tourism and its various impacts on the culture of local indigenous populations and the tourists themselves, the environment, archaeological sites, and including references cited page.

  • 1 essay @ 100 Points
  • You should draw upon information from course materials to analyze the significance of the book in relation to the text and assigned readings.
  • Please submit the essay on Titanium with appropriate references and references cited page.
  • Grammar and punctuation count toward the grade.
  • Essays will have 5 points deducted for each day they are late.

Your essays will be graded as follows:

25 Points – Discussion of the anthropological relevance of the book.

15 Points – What kind of impact (emotional, psychological, spiritual) has rreadthe book had for your understanding of anthropology?

25 Points – Citations need to be in AAA format (or APA, MLA) and an accompanying References Cited page. Please cite your paraphrased information as well as direct quotes. WHEN IN DOUBT, CITE!!

20 points – Grammar and writing skills.

15 Points – The essay will be at least 5-6 pages, including the References Cited page, 12 pt. font. Points will be deducted for improper formatting, grammar and spelling errors. _________________________________________________________

100 points total

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