Establish Networks & Develop Teams Research

Establish Networks & Develop Teams Research
Establish Networks & Develop Teams Research

Establish Networks & Develop Teams Research

Establish Networks & Develop Teams Research

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Student Name Kon Kit Chan ( Jerry )
Student ID No. 100515607
Teacher Name Jasmine Beschorner
Course Name Certificate IV in Business (Marketing)
Course Code BSB40212
Unit Name Establish Networks & Develop Teams and Individuals
Unit Code BSBREL401A & BSBLED401A
Semester &Year
Semester 1, 2015
Time Allowed/Due Date Week 7
Assessment Type Assignment One
Value of Assessment 35%
Assessment Conditions None
Special Requirements Individual assignment (with team discussion input)


  1. I am aware that penalties exist for cheating, plagiarism (copying) and unauthorised collusion with other students, or external consultants.
  2. I am aware of the requirements covering style and layout standards as designated by my teacher/tutor.
  3. For assessments other than those conducted in-class, I have retained a copy. I understand that uncollected assessments will be destroyed.
  4. This assessment was prepared using the Unit of Competency from with particular attention to; Required Skills, Required Knowledge, Evidence Guide/Critical Aspects.

Student’s signature: Jerry                                                                                                   Date:24/3/2015

Questions Teachers






1 Identify and discuss four (4) opportunities


Via Moodle feedback 8 8
2 Discuss 2 (+) networking strategies 4 4
3 Self preparation discussion 2 NCY script/business card
4 Discuss ‘maintaining a record’ of networking 2 nyc
5 Attend/report on a networking function 15 nyc
6 Discuss problems/difficulties (based on group feedback) and supply solutions 4 nyc
Total 35


  1. Identify and discuss four ‘opportunities’ (e.g. events, activities, online (virtual) or real, Holmesglen or external) relevant to your future career as a marketer that will enable you to participate in networking. * (see guide below)

(8 marks)


  1. Determine and discuss two or more networking strategies you will use to make contact with the individual/organisation (who represent the opportunities in 1 above) and to initiate communication. Note: You are not to make actual contact unless it’s related to Holmesglen Student Services’ clubs.

(4 marks)

  1. Determine and discuss what you will need to do to prepare yourself to undertake networking.

(2 marks)

  1. Determine and discuss how you will maintain a record of your network

(2 marks)

  1. Attend one of the networking opportunities/ function and report on your experiences. Before you attend, you will need to check with your teacher to ensure that the event is suitable.

(15 marks)

  1. After the event, form into groups of around four students. Identify several problems/difficulties each of you may have experienced.  Suggest ways of how you could overcome these problems/difficulties.  Write a brief summary of your group’s discussions.

(4 marks)

1* Guidelines:

For example, Holmesglen Student Services will be helping students network through the following clubs:  Coffee Club, Movie Club, City Seekers Club, a variety of sporting /interest clubs (you may like to consider setting up an indoor soccer club, courtesy Student Services, or some other interest/sporting club).

Alternatively, you may wish to research some marketing peak bodies and join as students, attending a networking function.

We will spend time in class researching various networking opportunities.


Tourism is major business opportunity which has prevailed over many years. Tourism may be local or international. They both offer business opportunities as the tourist will require the service of the tour guides to help locate the sceneries and the wildlife. For any travel agency to offer its travelling service to the tourists then it should market its services through suitable be successful in this business one ought to be aware of the current trends in the tourism will be the duty of the marketing manager to advertise the services of the company.

Fashion and beauty

Beauty and fashion industry is currently a booming business. Most people who design and make these beauty products have to be aware of the latest fashion and therefore they should consider networking as option towards getting the information they want about the latest fashion in the can achieve this through attending fashion and beauty shows.

Information system management and manufacturing

Currently the world is using information technology to enhance communication within the organization. The company designing and manufacturing these systems should ensure maximum security for the users and also ensure their is the duty of the marketing managers to ensure that the company products are well known and secure. They can achieve this by networking with members within the industry so that they can be aware of the latest development and the threats within the industry.

Hotel management

Hotels offer food products which are served to the customers. The customer needs to be aware of the kind of food offered by the hotel. The marketing manager should be aware of the latest preferences by different customers. Attending cooking competitions can help the managers to achieve maximum sales.

Using social media

The best networking method is the use of social media groups like Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter etc. In these social media, one joins like-minded creating a social fan page where like-minded people join the group to get updated.
Organizing social events

Organizing social events like football tournaments, cooking competition and tour for families.

Before undertaking any networking function, should make some preparations which include; determining the reason for undertaking the networking, participating well in the networking event will help portray the a good picture of your company. Prepare a list of questions to ask the organizers of the function, this will ensure that you get all the answers to your question


during the networking event, one should add in more people in his or her network so that the network can is supposed to take the address of each added member so that they can communicate at a later date. Add the new members into your social network. Some of the data management software which can be used to keep the information obtained from the network includes; spread sheet which includes the SPSS datasheet, the commercial database program which include the Access and Oracle and finally the Specialty data entry programs such as SPSS data entry builders. These speciality data entry programs are good for data storage and entry, thus they are useful.

Having attended a networking function involving entrepreneurs, investors, tourism board directors and hotel managers which sought to identify the  best ways to incorporate information technology to attract more tourists both local and international. During this networking event the facilitators were given ten minutes each to explain their products. The event was organized United States tourism board. From the look of events, it was clear that this networking event was the best place for the information technology experts and upcoming companies to introduce their latest projects in the industry. From the proceedings of this event it was clear that one can get an insight into and knowledge about what technology is expected in the industry and also the one in use currently.

The board director encouraged the locals to visit their national parks and other sceneries so that they can improve the economy of the country. Through the use of information technology, the tourism board was in a position to attract more tourists both local and international by creating more awareness to via the media.


Some of the problems encountered this networking event include lack of enough time for the presenters to explain their products well. There were a lot of people willing to participate but very few were able to present and demonstrate their technology. The audiences were not allowed to participate due to lack of time. There was less interaction between the marketers

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