Ethics and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

Ethics and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act  Scenario:You are the owner of a small business that imports clothing from

Ethics and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
Ethics and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

Brazil to the U.S. One of your senior executives, Sam, just returned from a trip to check in on the company’s manufacturers in Brazil, and Sam informs you that he was forced to make payments to several Brazilian officials in order to ensure that a recent shipment made its way through customs quickly. You are concerned about the payments, about precedent, and about the possible ethical and legal implications of such payments. Sam has assured you that the payments to these officials were “necessary” and “acceptable” within Brazil, but you remain unconvinced and are especially troubled by the ethical consequences of such payments; especially since these are prohibited under the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

After reading The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act in Chapter 2 of your text and the supplemental Ethics PowerPoint presentation, discuss the following:

Should you be concerned about the payments, and if so, why?

After reviewing the supplemental Ethical Approaches pdf in the Learning Activities area, choose one of the ethical approaches that best explains the ethical principles behind laws prohibiting such payments to government officials, Consequential, Nonconsequential, or Virtue Ethics Theories?

What is your response to the situation, and why? add reference

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