Ethics Friendship and Chronicles of Narnia

Ethics Friendship and Chronicles of Narnia In your FRP you need to choose a book/movie/play/TV show/etc. and analyze it from the perspective of these issues:

The Good Brahmin and French Philosopher Voltaire
The Good Brahmin and French Philosopher Voltaire

Ethics Friendship and Chronicles of Narnia

  1. Why did you choose this book/movie/play/TV show/etc.?
  2. What specifically in relation to friendship you found appealing in it? Why did you find it appealing?
  3. How would you assess this friendship’s moral dimension? In particular what evil obstacles does it overcome in its unfolding and formation? * (see alternative D if the friendship failed to overcome these evil obstacles)
  4. Is it possible to view friendship in the book/movie/play/TV show/etc. of your choice as containing a spiritual component? How so?
  5. What impact on your friendship analysis of the book/movie/play/TV show/etc. has on your personal friendship?
  6. Would you recommend this book/movie/play/TV show/etc. to your friends to read?

Ethics Friendship and Chronicles of Narnia

*D. Why does friendship fail to overcome evil obstacles? Why can they be so damn powerful and how it could have overcome them?

To succeed in this assignment you need to use 3 articles and 2 books (different books and different articles than the ones that we are using in the class), 8 pages minimum.

Standard guidelines: typed, use standard 12 pt. font sizes, one-inch margins, and double-spaced. What is most crucial is that the work is your own, and when your ideas are not your own ideas, proper citation needs to be given. You can use MLA style if you prefer:

Ethics Friendship and Chronicles of Narnia

Defines and applies concepts and ideas accurately with insight and originality. Demonstrates depth of understanding of said concepts. Author’s voice is clearly articulated by incorporating personal experiences and/or contemporary examples/issues.

*Writes clearly and concisely with excellent transitions between sentences and paragraphs. Clearly communicates the main ideas and provides excellent support and detail. The writing is engaging and well-structured following conventional writing standards throughout the paper. Concepts are integrated into the essay in an original manner. Grammatical and/or syntax errors are not evident.

*In addition to being clearly and significantly above the requirements, work exhibited is of an independent, creative, contributory nature.

We Will Use Chronicles Of Narnia By Cs.Lewis

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