Ethics in Criminal Justice Assignment Paper

Ethics in Criminal Justice
Ethics in Criminal Justice
Ethics in Criminal Justice

Ethics in Criminal Justice

In 2 pages Briefly discuss and provide specific examples of the three (3) broad categories of deterministic “forces” that can limit free will and, perhaps,

responsibility for criminal acts.
2. Briefly discuss the ways in which the cases of Susan Smith and Andrea Yates illustrate the debate concerning free will, determinism, and moral/legal
3. Briefly discuss the implications of the debate between free will and determinism for treatment, punishment, and policy within criminal justice.
Review the following videos that you viewed in the Lecture Notes.
• “Christian-Newsom Killers Get New Trial over Judges Past Drug Use?”
• “Richard Baumgartner guilty on 5 of 6 federal charges”
• “Judge Baumgartner critical of federal authorities- “they think they are above God”
• Defendants in the Christian/Newsom murders are granted new trials.
• The Tennessee Supreme Court overturns new trial rulings in Christian-Newsom murders.
• Notwithstanding Baumgartner’s mental competency, hypocrisy, or lack of morals.
• Baumgartner has his attorney quash a (6/3/2011) subpoena, so he does not have to show up in court.
• Baumgartner’s alleged mistress was in the court supervised program.
Complete the following tasks:
Watch the videos and read the news articles regarding this Judge who was addicted to drugs while presiding over a horrific murder trial of two innocent lives
and the sentencing of four defendants. Based on your research and the information contained in these videos, write a case study/research paper being sure to
address the questions below and include additional information you feel is relevant and will add value to your submission. Remember to include correct APA
format with a cover page, reference page, and in text citations

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