Europe housing style in the neolithic era

Europe housing style in the neolithic era
Europe housing style in the neolithic era

Europe housing style in the neolithic era

Part II: Working Bibliography. (50 pts.) A research paper consists of ideas summarized, paraphrased, or quoted from secondary sources (ideas written by experts in the field). These sources will need to be approved by the instructor PRIOR to the writing of the paper. When students hand in the Working Bibliography, they need not have read or studied the sources, just identified them as potential sources.

The Working Bibliography will be in MLA format. Please see links on ecompanion and attend lecture for further explanation. Excuses will not be accepted. Students are required to ask for help in using MLA format.

Six sources (minimum—more is fine) will need to be identified. A minimum of four sources will need to be used in the final paper. Sources may be added later, but each new source will need to be approved.

Sources should include the following:

2-3 books (You can use ebooks or print books; Ebscohost has an ebook database, but many of these are outdated) The textbook can not be one of your six, but can be referenced in your paper.
2-3 database or online journal articles (Start with EbscoHost databases: Academic Search Complete, Masterfile Premier, Academic Search Premier, and Omnifile Full Text)
1-2 scholarly websites (from museums, universities, organizations associated with the humanities in a professional way).
You may not use in the paper sources such as:

Any other generalized site. However, you may consult these initially for ideas during the proposal stage and before beginning scholarly research.
Hand in:

A six-source working bibliography in MLA format (double-spaced, hanging indentation, alphabetical order).

The bibliography should be labeled with the student’s name, the course name, the instructor’s name, and “Working Bibliography” as a centered title. Attach the rubric and Part I to the top of Part II.

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