European Social and Political Art of the 20th Century

European Social and Political Art of the 20th Century Writes a 20-page research paper on European social and political art of the 20th century.

European Social and Political Art of the 20th Century
European Social and Political Art of the 20th Century

Specifically, by Jewish and Roma concentration camp victims from Auschwitz and Theresienstadt. Incorporate as many artworks as you wish as long as they were produced by such victims. In addition, be sure to include the following artists and their artwork(s):

– Karl Robert Bodek and Kurt Conrad Löw, and their artwork titled ‘One Spring’, 1941

– Charlotte Salomon’s ‘Self Portrait’, painted between 1939 and 1941

– Felix Nussbaum’s ‘The Refugee‘, painted in 1939

Papers need to be 20 pages in length; this means standard margins (1 inch) and fonts (12 points). This also means actual text, not including the appended illustrations. Papers should include reproductions of the artwork(s) discussed. These can be photocopied in black and white and/or color. Images may be taken from the Internet. Postcard and photographic reproductions are also acceptable. Illustrations may be integrated into the text or appended at the end. Each illustration should be carefully labeled (Figure 1, Figure 2, Figure 3, etc.). Pages must be numbered. Footnotes or endnotes are acceptable. The use of the first person (“I”) is also perfectly acceptable and encouraged. Be sure to include works cited page, CITE EVERYTHING.

Include at least 10 sources. The following sources can be used towards your total.

– Duchesne, Aurelie. “Urizen and the Image of the Refugee: The Refugee Crisis from and

Aesthetic Perspective,” IALS Student Law Review vol. 4, no. 2 (Summer, 2017): p. 3-18.


– Bohm-Duchen, Monica. After Auschwitz: Responses to the Holocaust in Contemporary Art.

Lund Humphries, 1994.

– Hayes, P. F., Mickenberg, D., & Granof, C. (2003). The Last Expression: Art and Auschwitz.

Northwestern University Press.

– Baigell, Matthew. Jewish-American Artists and the Holocaust. Rutgers University Press, 1997.

– Goldfarb, Alvin. “Theatrical Activities in Nazi Concentration Camps.” Performing Arts Journal,

vol. 1 no. 2, 1976, pp. 3-11. Project MUSE,

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