Evaluating Mission and Vision Statements at Pepsi

Evaluating Mission and Vision Statements at Pepsi Order Instructions: CASE STUDY ((Evaluating Vision and Mission Statements at PepsiCo)

Evaluating Mission and Vision Statements at Pepsi
Evaluating Mission and Vision Statements at Pepsi

Consider the mission and vision statements for PepsiCo (http://www.pepsico.com/Company.html) and then answer the questions included below:

1)Evaluate the mission and vision statements of Pepsico against the theoretical purpose of such statements.

2)How effective are they in linking strategy with individual performance?

3)We can argue, with important support, that the mission and vision statement of a firm should be linked to individual performance. How do we get from a mission and vision statement to individual performance?

4)To what extent are the mission and vision statements developed using the environment, the managerial philosophy of the firm, the public image sought by the organization and/or the self-concept of business adopted by the leadership and stockholders? Is culture an influencer?


1)The answer must raise appropriate critical questions.

2)Do include all your references, as per the Harvard Referencing System,

3)Please don’t use Wikipedia web site.

4) I need examples from peer-reviewed articles or researches.

5)Turnitin.com copy percentage must be 10% or less.

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Evaluating Mission and Vision Statements at Pepsi Sample Answer

Evaluating Mission and Vision Statements at Pepsi Company

In the world of business vision and mission statements are used as a means of strategic development. They are very crucial components of an organization’s strategy in achieving its organizational development goals. This tendency is because without having a clear vision and mission statements an organization cannot successfully implement its strategic plan. A vision statement is a statement that pertains to portray a mental picture of the future state that is optimally desired for the company. Therefore, the vision statement defines what an organization wants to achieve over a stipulated period. O the other hand, a mission statement shows why the organization exists through defining its purpose (Hill et al., 2014).

This paper is going to evaluate the vision and mission statements for PepsiCo. The vision statement for this company states that they are committed to gaining financial and business success while having a positive impact on the community. On the other hand, their mission is to provide customers globally with affordable, delicious, complementary and convenient foods and beverages suited for certain times of the day. Pepsi Company is globally known and has an extensive customer base all around the world. It provides foods and beverages that include soft drinks and fun snacks. Their vision and mission statements are very clear and precise. The next paragraph will show how these statements have linked strategy with individual performance.

The vision of this company defines the state at which the company is gearing towards achieving (Crowley et al., 2011). This is the state of business and financial success. The vision gives an understanding of how each employee’s work contributes towards achieving the desired state. For the company to reach the desired state of business success, each employee must fully comprehend the role he or she plays towards achieving it. The strategic plan of a company is implemented successfully only when the vision statement provides guidance and inspiration and also shows the way through which the company can achieve the state mentioned in the statement. This strategy aims and guiding the employees by providing them with a mental picture of how their role is crucial to the vision of the company. When the employee focuses all their energy on the desired state, then the collective individual performance of each and every employee will act as a means of optimally attaining the desired state. In this case, every employee will focus their skills and work to make the company be a success financially and business wise.

The vision of Pepsi Co was written is such a way that it was easy for the employees to be able to repeat it every time. This way it is suitable to the company’s needs in successfully implementing their strategic plan. This strategic plan goes a long way to help the organizational development of the given company move towards the positive direction.

The mission statement of Pepsi Co is another key component of the strategic plan of the company. The mission statement of a given company seems to answer some questions. Like, what does the organization do? Who benefits or who is the primary recipient of the organization’s actions? How does the organization do what it does?

Pepsi Company provides foods and beverages to their customers situated all over the world. They provide this food to their customer with the aim of benefiting them with affordability, confidentiality and deliciousness of their products. Thus, their mission statement seems to answer the questions that a convenient mission statement should do for an organization. Therefore, it shows how useful a suitable mission statement is in helping an organization achieve its desired state as mentioned in their vision statement.

The strategic plan of the Pepsi Company becomes successful when the desired state in the vision stamen is achieved. But the achievement is only a part of the puzzle to be solved. For this part to be settled there is the need for the mission statement. Thus, the mission statement comes to lay down a clears structure of how employees should work. A mission is like a rule book that improves the decision-making capability in the company employees. Thus, the employee’s performance is geared towards an individual purpose that is the purpose of the whole organization (Papulova et al., 2014). Therefore, the employee’s performance is shaped in a certain way according to the mission to achieve the vision.

Vision and mission statement go hand in hand. If the vision and mission statements do not seem to relate to one another, then they surely are not the suitable statements for the company in question. The importance of vision and mission statements in a company’s strategic plan is unquestionable. One of their importance is that these statement aid in strengthening a company’s culture by giving a unified sense of purpose. This will go a long way in helping employees sharpen their decision-making skills regarding the big picture. However, efficient vision and mission statements cannot have an effect on an employee’s performance if they are not emphasized to them by the highest levels of the organization (Darbi et al., 2012).

In conclusion, the vision and mission statements of the Pepsi Company are effective in stimulating their employee’s performance. However, not having a clear and precise vision and mission statements in an organization can limit the opportunities available to steer the organization’s success.

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