Evidence Based Practice (EBP) and nursing research

Find out how Evidence Based Practice (EBP) and nursing research are supported and implemented throughout hospitals/clinics/organizations. Write a paper 1,000
words in APA format, describing what you find.
Rubric for Guidelines to follow:
1. The role of nurses in research and EBP.
2. The models used in hospitals/clinics/organizations.
3. What steps are used for research and/or EBP in hospitals/clinics/organizations?
4. Author(s): Who are they?
5. Funding Source: May help to identify bias.
6. Motivation for Doing the Study: Is it the first of its kind, or is it replicating an earlier study? <br />
7. Study Subjects: Who participated?
8. How were they selected?
9. Who was excluded?
10. What was the size of the sample?
11. How was information collected?
12. What were the major results of the study?
Discussion: Did the authors discuss any problems with the study? Did you find other problems that they did not talk about?
Conclusions: What were the authors’ main conclusions? Were they justified by the findings?
Generalizability: To what larger population can the results of this study be generalized? For example, if the study only included men, the results cannot be
generalized to women.

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