Evolution of Health Care Policy Post

Evolution of Health Care Policy Post an explanation of how the evolution of health care policy has influenced programs such as Medicaid and Medicare. Then, describe a specific Medicaid policy in your state that should be amended, and explain how you would amend it and why.

Evolution of Health Care Policy Post
Evolution of Health Care Policy Post

Finally, describe the stakeholders involved in the Medicaid and Medicare health care policy in your state, and explain the role of these stakeholders in policy development for this issue.
Support your post with specific references to the resources. Be sure to provide full APA citations for your references.
Post a Discussion in which you explain how considerations about clients’ worldviews,
including their spirituality or religious convictions, might affect your interactions with
them. Provide at least two specific examples. In addition, explain one way your own
spirituality or religious convictions might support your work with a client, and one
barrier it might present. Finally, share one strategy for applying an awareness of
spirituality to social work practice in general.

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