Executive Summary of Requisite Skills

Executive Summary of Requisite Skills
      Executive Summary of Requisite Skills

Executive Summary of Requisite Skills

This assignment will give you the opportunity to explore what you believe, and based on the course readings, are necessary (requisite) knowledge, skills, abilities, (KSAs) experiences, and techniques needed to effectively lead either a human resources department or one functional area of Human Resources Management (HRM) within a public organization. By functional area I mean one of the segments in the Life-Cycle of an employee as noted in the chapters in Section II of our text (e.g., recruiting, performance management, compensation, benefits, training and development, etc.). This assignment also provides opportunities to link theory with practice, apply what has been learned and/or how the necessary KSAs could be acquired to effectively lead an organization’s human resources department.

I suggest the following process:

Decide if you will focus on the HRM department as a whole, or on an HRM functional area. If focusing on an HRM functional area, decide which area.

Read, and if necessary, re-read the text chapter corresponding to your chosen functional area.

Narrowly focus your selection to avoid the pitfalls of inadequate detail.

Locate at least 5 published references that are no more than 10 years old that pertain to the specific HRM function you have chosen to investigate. You must not use any of the sources used in the Research paper in this course.

OPTIONAL: Conduct an Interview. You may wish to conduct a brief an interview with a manager or HR professional who has extensive experience HRM or the functional area you have selected. I am not requiring you do this; however, if you are able to find someone who is willing to speak with you, this often can be a helpful learning experience.

Paper Format:

Your paper should be at least five (5) pages long, not including the Title Page and Reference/Bibliography

Title Page: must contain the Assignment Number, a Topic, your Name and Student ID Number

Use 12-point font, double-spaced, and one-inch margins on all 4 sides.

Use in-text citations so I can decipher where exactly in your paper you drew upon others work.

Provide complete reference information (author, date, title, publication, volume and page numbers; providing a URL only is insufficient) on a separate sheet.

Create a WORD document that contains complete citation information of all your print and/or electronic source material. To be considered complete, citation information must include author(s), title, date, and publisher plus, if a journal or magazine article, the name of the journal or magazine, volume and issue numbers, and page numbers.

A reference citation containing only a URL is insufficient.

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