External Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

External Sunshine of the Spotless Mind READ INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY!!! Your “Pilot Paper” is a persuasive essay that will display your interpretation of a film or piece of literature.

External Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
External Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

This paper can concern itself with any film or piece of literature that has impacted you in a meaningful way.

Your paper must demonstrate your ability to read and write critically. That means that you should be writing about different aspects of the film, such as point of view, visual and auditory aesthetics, plot, characters, setting, tone and style, structure, symbolism and allegory, and ideas and themes. Use these inroads to develop your interpretation of the film, since you will need to demonstrate how the aspects that you choose to focus on support your individual interpretation of the film. You should be using specific examples and quotations from the film as well.

The paper will be between 2-3 pages long. Proper grammar and sentence structure should be present throughout. As with all of your essays, use 12 point Times New Roman font, double space, and have one-inch margins. All format should adhere to MLA standards.

This paper must be submitted to turnitin.com before midnight on the due date. Any paper that is not submitted to turnitin.com will not be graded.

This paper does not require any sources expect to form the film itself.

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