Factors That Affect the Health of the Community

Factors That Affect the Health of the Community
   Factors That Affect the Health of the                          Community

Factors That Affect the Health of the Community

The health problem that I have identified in my community is allergies. Allergies are said to occur mainly when the immune system of an individual reacts differently to substances such as pets, foods, pollen, insect and some medicine. Such elements are however referred to as allergens. A few people experience the allergies, and the allergens might not also be harmful to people in the same environment. People also develop allergic diseases for example atopy which is inherited. People, therefore, become allergic when they come in contact with the allergens after that occurrence of allergic reactions. This paper, thus, delves to discuss the physical, social, cultural and behavioral factors that contributed to allergy.

The physical factors in my community that contribute to allergy include consumption of certain foodstuffs. Some people are allergic to certain foods such as eggs, beef or fish. Such people develop allergic reactions whenever they consume such foods. Another physical factor in my community is the availability of pests and insects breeding sites such as swampy areas which facilitates the accommodation of insects that when sting human beings and bring about allergic reactions. The presence of some substances which get in contact with the skins has also caused a lot of allergic reactions among people. Such components include pollens from plantations.

The social and cultural factors in my community that contribute to this problem include poverty and low living standards. Many people suffer nutrition health thus ending up eating foods that might cause them allergy because of lack of ability to afford other better options of nutrition. They also don’t get treatment for their allergic situations because of poverty. Another social cause is the types of meals which are culturally prepared to be consumed on certain occasions that are mandatory. Lastly, lack of nutritional health programs from the federal social services in the community.

The individual behaviors that have also contributed to the development of allergies are lack of proper eating habits. Some people might develop the allergies because they don’t watch their diet keenly and eat anything without considerations. Some foodstuffs might be harmful when consumed which is commonly accidental because people don’t know proper food consumption. Lack of appetite can also cause allergy in some people whereby they will have reactions because they haven’t taken any meal. It is therefore not advisable not to eat for long periods because of the lack of appetite that might be caused by a personal thing. Meal timing also contributes to allergies as some people might stay long without consuming any food substance. It is therefore important to consider taking meals at the right time of the day.

In conclusion, allergies are caused by a lot of factors that might generate from many corners in society. For example, the physical elements can easily facilitate the development of allergies in human beings more so when society does not consider eliminating the causes. For instance, keeping away pests could be helpful to people who are allergic to pests and insects. Social and cultural factors are also common causes of allergies among people more so the young children who might not be well conversant with most of the cultural aspects of the community. It, therefore, calls for social assistance and awareness of the causes of allergic reactions and also community lessons that will help the community stay healthy form allergies.

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