False memory on eyewitness testimonies

False memory on eyewitness testimonies
False memory on eyewitness testimonies

False memory on eyewitness testimonies

Cognitive Psychology Literature Review Assignment

Your assignment is to write a review of the literature on a particular topic in Cognitive Psychology. Your review should be a maximum of 12 double-spaced pages (including title page and references). Fonts should be set at 12-point, with 1-inch margins.


Writing a literature review will help you achieve three important objectives:

(1) expand your knowledge of cognitive psychology by focusing on a research area that is of

particular interest to you,

(2) further develop your skills as a critical reader of psychological research, and

(3) develop your scientific writing skills.


Imagine you are a Cognitive Psychologist and having read many research papers on a specific topic (e.g., procedural learning in amnesia), you decided to write a review paper that synthesizes the current state of the literature. You can think of this as a good Wikipedia entry of a topic in cognitive psychology — the key difference is that your review paper will be more detailed, will cite scientific sources as references and will be written in APA style


  • Read the “guide to writing a literature review” posted on Blackboard
  • Include at least ten primary sources articles. Primary sources mean empirical papers (i.e., papers that report original experiments), not review chapters or book chapters.
  • Maximum of 12 pages, including Title page and Reference List.
  • Font size = 12 point, margins = 1 inch
  • You must use APA format, as described in the latest edition of the APA Publication Manual.
  • No quotations! Paraphrase and cite the source.

Specific Sections of the Review

  • Title page
  • Introduction ending with thesis statement (1 paragraph/page)
  • Body of review that follows organization laid out in thesis statement (6 -8 pages)
  • Brief summary of your thesis and the evidence supporting that thesis (1 paragraph/page)
  • Reference List (1 page)


You may choose any topic we have, or will, cover in class or lab, or any other topic in Cognitive Psychology for that matter. A quick perusal of the textbook will provide a number of potential topics to choose from. Another great source is Current Directions in Psychological Science, which Falvey Library carries. The best strategy is to pick something that interests you! You should be careful, however, not to choose a topic that is too broad (e.g., “attention” or “memory”), focusing instead on more manageable topics (e.g., spatial attention, mood congruent memory, mental imagery, etc.). If you define your topic too general there will simply be too much relevant research, making it very difficult to decide which are the most relevant papers.

Most importantly, you need to be sure that the topic you choose addresses a theoretical issue in Cognitive Psychology. Be careful not to choose a topic that strays into Clinical, Developmental, or Abnormal Psychology.

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