Families and Community in Early Childhood Learning

This assignment contains 2 parts. Both parts must be completed as a requirement of this assignment.
Create a 2 page newsletter for parents/guardians of your preschool classroom.

Families and Community in Early Childhood Learning
Families and Community in Early Childhood Learning

In the first part, you will welcome them to your class and invite them to become part of the learning experience. You may create special events or simply identify opportunities during the school day where they may participate. The second part of your newsletter will contain information on local resources and services that families may need or find helpful. Helping families connect to the community can further increase student success.

Families and Community in Early Childhood Learning Resources

Include resources that can be found in your area.
· Be creative and make your letter visually engaging – use color and pictures
· Use a newsletter format
· Identify 5 different ways that parents can become involved in your classroom and describe each opportunity. Be sure to include a wide variety of ways parents can participate..
· Identify 5 different resources and services available to help families in the community. Briefly describe each service as well as provide pertinent contact information.
Note: This assignment will not need to include references and citations. You are writing for a non academic audience. HOWEVER if you are providing them with a resource you need to give them all the information they need to find the material and it cannot be anywhere they need a password to access. You MUST use some bright and colorful design elements to make the newsletter appealing. This should be done as a Word document not Prezi or Powerpoint.

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