Family Educator Conference Plan FEC

Family Educator Conference Plan FEC

Family Educator Conference Plan FEC
Family Educator Conference Plan FEC

Family-Educator Conference Plan This assessment will have candidates to utilize the information gained from the community mapping and family involvement assessment to provide the child(ren) and family featured in the vignette with potential community resources. Candidates should keep in mind that this assessment is in preparation for the family-educator conference that will take place in EDU 284 (EC Practicum). Candidates will review the concepts featured in Connect Module 4 (Videos 4.1 through 4.7 and handouts 4.1 through 4.5). The videos (keep in mind they will feature other families) and Connect Module 4 Handouts 4.1-4.5  will assist you with preparing the Family-Educator Conference assignment. Candidates will complete handout 4.2 and prepare a detailed plan for a family-educator conference based on the family featured in the vignette with Aaron and his Dad) and the concepts discussed in Connect Module 4.  The plan should include the following components:

  • 2 goals that have been developed for each of the following areas:

O goals the educator may have for the child at school

O potential goals the family may have for the child at home and school

O 2 examples of feedback candidates can anticipate from families and the candidate response to the anticipated feedback. Responses should be reflective of the concepts discussed in the Connect module.

O Identify and discuss roadblocks that are present in the vignette and discuss the community resources that may assist this family.

O Identify and discuss other possible roadblocks that an educator may encounter when planning a family-educator conference.

? Include discussion on the effect these roadblocks may have on the conference and possible solutions to these roadblocks. Roadblocks should include issues related to cultural, linguistic, and ability diverseness such as families that may not want you in their home, families whose primary language is other than English, and families struggling with acceptance. Other roadblocks to consider include: transportation issues and employment


  • Video 4.1: The teacher’s viewpoint
  • Video 4.2: The family’s viewpoint
  • Video 4.3: Description of the family-professional partnership framework
  • Video 4.4: Starting a relationship
  • Video 4.5: Libby & Kim – Beginning the ground conversation
  • Video 4.6: Libby & Kim – Middle ground conversation
  • Video 4.7: Libby & Kim – Firm ground conversation


  • Handout 4.1: Partnership-Oriented Practices: Examples and Applications
  • Handout 4.2: Partnership-Oriented Practices: Observation Checklist

O Complete and submit this handout with your assignment

  • Handout 4.3: Partnership-Oriented Practices: Observation Checklist- Answer Key
  • Handout 4.4: Research Summary on Family-Centered Help-giving Practices
  • Handout 4.5: Policy Advisory: The Law Governing Family-Professional Partnerships

Assessment should include the following:

a brief discussion on how you used the completed  Connect Module 4 (Handouts 4.1-4.5) handouts to assist in developing the conference plan

  • complete and submit handout 4.2 with your assignment

conference agenda detailing the overall flow of the conference

conference plan which includes discussion on the following:

goals for the child,

handling of potential family feedback,

roadblocks, and

community resources that may assist the family

Guidance for developing this assessment: In preparation for completing this assessment candidates will:

Review the grading rubric

Review chapters 7, 6, 9 (Gestwiki);  5-6 (Derman-Sparks, L., & Olsen Edwards); Cara’s Kit, NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct

Review Connect Module 4

This assessment addresses the following content: Program Student Learning Outcomes: 2and 4 and NAYEC Standards: 2a, 4a, 6b, 6d, 6e

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