Family Preservation Planning in Child Welfare

Family Preservation Planning in Child Welfare This paper is on what family preservation planning means to me in the field of child welfare and how they intend to incorporate family preservation techniques into their practice.

Family Preservation Planning in Child Welfare
Family Preservation Planning in Child Welfare

Family preservation is consistent with the goals of MCFD and the Truth Reconciliation Commission’s recommendations on reducing the number of Indigenous children in care, and increased cultural inclusivity and better outcomes for all children in child welfare care; however, sometimes family preservation is not realistic or achievable for different reasons. 5 Resources
The paper will consist of the following three parts:
1. What does family preservation mean . to you as you think about your role in child welfare? What exactly is to be preserved when you describe family preservation? How do you know when the goals of family preservation are not being successfully achieved (2 pages)
2. If you were not permitted to remove children/youth from their families, what could you do as a social worker to find creative solutions to complex situations when working with families? (2 pages)
3. When you are working with a child/youth in-care (where the child has an assigned worker and so do the foster parents), what could you do to support the biological family and their relationships with their child/ren and foster parents within the context of family separation? (3 pages)

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