Fantastic literature and speculative fiction

Fantastic literature and speculative fiction
        Fantastic literature and speculative fiction

Fantastic literature and speculative fiction

Choose one of the following topics and write a paper on it, supported by strong evidence from at least five academic, peer-reviewed sources (articles from the library databases) in addition to detailed examples from at least one work of fiction covered this semester (The Handsomest Drowned Man, The Epic of Gilgamesh, The Little Mermaid by Hans Anderson).

1) Propose and defend your own definition of fantastic literature/speculative fiction/science fiction/fantasy (choose one of these notions to write about; do not define all four in one paper).
2) How can science fantastic literature/speculative fiction be used productively in college courses other than English (sciences, social sciences, etc.)?
3) How can fantastic fiction be used to bring about social changes and/or political reforms?

All papers should be typed using the Times New Roman font (12pt.), and one-inch margins all around the page. All papers should be double-spaced and at least 8 pages long, not including Works Cited. Do not use a cover page. All papers should follow the latest, 2016 version of MLA format, including the header, pagination, and citations of sources both in the text of the paper and on the Works Cited page. All papers should have an original title appropriate for their content and use proper academic diction. All papers must follow the rules of grammar, syntax, and punctuation. All papers must contain a strong thesis statement supported by evidence from peer-reviewed sources.

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