Filial Piety of the 21st Century Argumentative Paper

Filial Piety of the 21st Century Argumentative Paper How would you define filial piety; that is appropriate in our current social context and culture (in other words, how must we deal with our parents)? Must we have filial piety (as a moral obligation) towards those who give us life or love?

Filial Piety of the 21st Century Argumentative Paper
21st Century Argumentative

When our parents are in their old age with severe dementia such as the Alzheimer, are we morally obligated to place our parents’ preferences for their own well-being ahead of our own and those of our children? Why or why not? Defend your answer by giving a thoughtful analysis of the relationship between parents and adult children and the moral duties adults have toward their parents/themselves/their children. [Note: Your analysis should not be based on your personal affection/disaffection towards your own parents. You should engage this discussion on a more philosophical, general level about human society, human nature, and self-fulfillment, etc.]
This is an argumentative paper that should hold a view that is against filial piety in our current social context and culture. The basic structure should a title (not the assigned topic itself), an opening, the main body, and a conclusion. In the opening remark, explain what your paper is about and how you plan to proceed with it. Give a clear thesis statement. No sources/references needed.

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