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Film and media studies
                     Film and media studies

Film and media studies

Question:In their discussions of early cinema, Musser and especially Gunning emphasize the nature of the early spectator’s relationship to the technology of cinema, a relationship they describe as involving both a basic understanding of the technology as well as as, in Gunning’s words, attraction or astonishment Using 2 or 3 examples of films produced before 1907 (1 example can come from our class screening), discuss Musser and Gunning’s understanding of early cinema’s appeal to the spectator. Do your chosen films support Gunning’s theory of “cinema of attractions”? If so, how? If not, how might you modify or alter Gunningís argument?You may want to think about the way technology and media broadly defined, as well as entertainment, are figured or presented in your chosen films. What about spectators? Do the films show spectators of a performance, an event, etc? How are these spectators represented? These are just two ideas to help you get started. A successful paper would include both a summary and analysis of Gunning’s argument in relation to your chosen cinematic examples; in other words, a discussion of the text integrated with your analysis of the films. At least 30% of your paper should deal with the analysis of your chosen films, which is to say, how they relate to Gunning’s argument. While you will have to summarize the action/conceit of the films and briefly describe them, pure description or visual analysis of the film does not count as fulfilling this prompt.Logistics: You will select your films (2 or 3; 1 can be from class/screening, as long as it is from before 1907) on Please note that, if you do not access Kanopy on-campus/via UCI network, you will need to install a VPN server on your computer (see below).Make sure to test Kanopy and to start researching/looking for films early. Technological failures/problems accessing Kanopy will not garner a deadline extension. if you are watching the film from off-campus, you will need to install a proxy VPN server on your computer. You can find directions on how to do this here: How to find films on Kanopy:

  1. Search for George MÈliËs, Lumiere, Edwin Porter, D.W. Griffith, Keystone film company/Mack Sennett, Pathe Freres. Make sure to double check year of production. Some anthologies include films from both before and after 1907.2. Go to Subjects > Film & Popular > Early Film; at the bottom of the page, select the correct year of production. You will need to double check the year of production, as you would select 1900-1909 as your decade, so some films might be after 1907.Paper Requirements:?750 to 1000-word essay?Discusses Gunning ìAn Aesthetic of Astonishment (discussion of Musser a bonus, but not required)?Discusses 2 or 3 filmic examples from before 1907o One filmic example can be from class; ?Paper should be clearly structured and lucidly written, providing a critical analysis of the texts and films discussed. It should integrate and synthesize its sources to provide a conceptual discussion of the question at hand. Providing a well-evidenced, original argument is a bonus.?Remember to look back at the essay question as you write your essay to make sure that you are not getting side tracked Argument, Writing, and Style:?Does my essay have a clear introduction and strong conclusion, ca. 1 paragraph each??In my essayís last paragraph, am I still writing about the same subject with which I began? What about on the last page??You should not be writing the same thing over and over again, but you shouldstill be engaging with the topic you laid out in your introduction. ?If I am using broad or crucial terms (e.g., ìdemystification,î ìhigh art,î etc.), is it clear what I mean by them??Use of quotations: use your own words whenever possible. Do not rely on quotes to make your argument for you. You should have no more than 5 lines total of quotations all together.?Have I minimized or eliminated value judgment words, such as ìinteresting,î ìbeautiful,î ìintriguing,î ìgoodî etc.??Are there any words that are frequently repeated? Whenever possible, diversify your vocabulary choices and make your prose as precise as possible.?Have I eliminated run-on sentences? (if it is longer than 2 lines, it is pretty much guaranteed to be a run-on)?Have I spellchecked and proofread my essay??Do not use the words reading to refer to the texts you are citing. Use text,article,book,or essay instead.Format:

?12pt, Times New Roman, 1 inch margins all around, double-spaced?Please provide word count at top of first page?Use the full name óf first and last ór the first time you mention an author, photographer, director, etc. Use only second name (never first! Not even if you happen to be close friends!) in subsequent mentions.?Provide full film information the first time you cite the film: Title (director/production company, year). In subsequent mentions, use film title only.?Parenthetical (Gunning, 21) or Chicago-style citations are fine?Titles of books, artworks, and films are italicized (e.g. Sergei Eisensteinís Battleship Potemkin; Kimbeiís Girl in A Heavy Storm), while titles of essays are in parentheses?If discussing specific scenes from the film, attach screenshots, numbered [e.g., Fig. 1; Fig. 2, etc]Submitting the paper:Via Turnitin by midnight on Monday, February 4: For Sarahís sections:Class/section ID: 20102221Enrollment key: PickfordFor Shawnís sectionsClass/section ID: 20102230 Enrollment key:GarboFor Tavleenís sections:Class/section ID: 20102238Enrollment key: ChaplinAcademic HonestyAny incident of academic dishonesty will result in a failing grade for the course. Plagiarism includes using portions of a previously published work in a paper without citing the source, submitting a paper written for another course, submitting a paper written by someone else, and using the ideas of someone else without attribution. If you have any questions about the proper citation of sources please discuss them with the instructor.

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