Financial Statements Analysis and Accounting Case Study

Financial Statements Analysis and Accounting Case Study Requires written presentation as follows:
Analyze the financial statements provided herein. When necessary, student must acquire or develop other financial statements or financial reports as needed to support an independent analysis.

Financial Statements Analysis and Accounting Case Study
Financial Statements Analysis and Accounting Case Study

Using the five attributes and required format below to Identify a minimum of two significant problems/issues.
Five Attributes must be ordered as follows:
1. Condition
2. Cause
3. Effect
4. Criteria
5. Recommendation

Financial Statements Analysis and Accounting Case Study Specific Problem

Be advised this case study may NOT include required financial statements.
1. Condition Statement: What is the specific problem or potential issue uncovered (Income Statement matters can be used in this Case. Due to time constraint select only one CONDITION.
Note: Revealed after variance analysis or trend analysis and corroborated by a Financial statement account or class of accounts.
2. Cause statement: What CAUSED the specific condition to occur? Cite specific accounts or activity found to be causing increases or decreases to relevant accounts.
Note: The CAUSE must directly contribute to the CONDITION.
3. Effect: You must select at least two ratios directly contributing to the condition Must use language that reflects/measures the increase or decrease resulting from ratios chosen.
Note: The EFFECT includes at least two ratios used to measure impact upon the CAUSE as related to the CONDITION.
4. Criteria: Requires comparing ratios used in the EFFECT to Industry average ratios of likeness to EFFECT.
Note: CRITERIA: Continue connecting the DOTs between the condition, cause and effect. Next, each ratio used in your EFFECT must be compared to the industry ratio. The results of this comparison is used to show what other company averages are relative to this company.
5. Recommendation: Based on aforementioned findings what corrective actions is deemed appropriate?

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