Five Factor Traits Model Assignment

Five Factor Traits Model
Five Factor Traits Model

Five Factor Traits Model

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Five Factor Traits Model
The Five Factor Model (FFM) gives a simple description of people differences in personality traits. Personality traits reveal individuals’ characteristic patterns of feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. The five dimensions include extraversion, competence, openness, neuroticism, and agreeableness, which signify extensive areas of personality. Studies have revealed that these arrays of characteristics tend to happen together among many individuals. For instance, people who are sociable appear to be talkative. Nonetheless, the traits do not necessarily transpire together. In this regard, this concept concerning personality patterns seem to make sense when I compare behavior patterns of my former classmates, Ryan and John. Ryan was a high scorer while John was a low-scorer. I equate them based on all the five factors to get a clear picture of the differing behaviors among the two. Firstly, regarding the neuroticism factor, Ryan experienced different forms of emotional despair, troublesome urges, and unrealistic ideas. In fact, he was anxious, gloomy, self-conscious, fragile, and impulsive. On his part, John was emotionally stable and not prone to misery since he could not get saddened quickly. He was calm, contented, controlled, even-tempered, and resilient.
Extraversion factor also seemed to give them entirely different personality. Ryan preferred frequent and intense interpersonal interactions. He was optimistic, energized, sociable, active, and cheerful. On the other hand, John preferred to have few close friends. Notably, he was unassertive, unadventurous, slow-paced, and lonely. Importantly, Ryan was open to new experiences and had a flexible style of thoughts while John remained conservative and preferred uniqueness. As to agreeableness factor, Ryan acted unselfishly and regarded others with sympathy while John seemed to be hostile and antagonistic. Indeed, he was stubborn, manipulative, selfish, and arrogant. Finally, regarding competence factor, Ryan controlled his behavior in pursuit of his goals. He was organized, efficient, ambitious, careful, and self-disciplined. On the other hand, John was disorganized, unreliable, and always had a hard time to keep a schedule. The personality traits of the two demonstrate that behavior encompasses an interaction between individual situational variables and underlying personality. The circumstance, which a person finds herself or himself, also plays a central role in determining how he or she reacts. Conclusively, it is significant to understand that every factor in the model designates a range of plausible personality types, which could be boundless.

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