Five Forces Model in Bottled Water Company

Five Forces Model in Bottled Water Company Using the Five Forces model, select ONE of the forces and describe how a company that makes bottled water would be impacted (minimum 200 words): (from ch 1) Rivalry among existing competitors Threat of new entrants Threat of substitute products and services The bargaining power of buyers The bargaining power of suppliers

Five Forces Model in Bottled Water Company
Five Forces Model in Bottled Water Company

QUESTION 2 Describe a local area network for a company that is in two buildings that are located across the river from each other. What type of hardware, software, and the network would you need to construct? QUESTION 3 Explain the acronyms B2B, B2C, B2G, and C2C. Provide at least one example for each. QUESTION 4 Explain Moore’s Law, provide a detailed example of one piece of hardware that demonstrates that Moore’s Law is true. QUESTION 5 Describe each term below and provide an example of a company (real or imagined) that uses this concept. Describe how it impacts the company to process information this way. Centralized processing Decentralized processing Distributed processing QUESTION 6 List three popular uses for the Internet and Web and briefly describe how you use them. QUESTION 7 Identify and describe the difference between an internet connected computer’s numerical address and the human-readable name for that computer. QUESTION 8 Name three reasons businesses invest in computer hardware and explain why how it would impact the business. QUESTION 9 Looking at a desktop style computer, monitors and printers are output devices, keyboards and mice are input devices. The computer is the ‘box’ or systems unit. Identify and describe at least three components that are found in the systems unit. QUESTION 10 Describe the difference between application software and system software. Name one software application and briefly describe its use. Then name an operating system software and list at least 3 things that software does.

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